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Louise Smith death: Shane Mays admits manslaughter

Louise Smith death: Shane


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A 30-year-elderly person has conceded killing a youngster discovered dead in a Hampshire forest, 13 days after she evaporated.

The collection of 16-year-old Louise Smith was found at Havant Thicket on 21 May. She was accounted for missing from the Leigh Park territory on 8 May, which was VE Day.

Shane Mays, of Somborne Drive, Havant, confessed to murder when he showed up at Winchester Crown Court.

  • Be that as it may, he denies killing the youngster. His preliminary is because of start on Tuesday.
  • Mr Mays answered “blameworthy’ when the murder allegation was put to him in court.

Examiner James Newton-Price QC stated: “The supplication isn’t satisfactory and there should be a preliminary.”

Ms Smith was most recently seen alive in Somborne Drive in Leigh Park at late morning on 8 May.

Police at Havant Thicket

Her body was found in the close by wood after broad pursuits by authority groups.