Lung cancer patient died after surgery cancellation

Lung cancer patient died


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A dad of-four whose malignant growth medical procedure was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has kicked the bucket.

Pete Sharp, 60, was determined to have stage four lung disease in January and was expected to be worked on at University Hospitals of Leicester on 30 March.

He was told the bed required for his recuperation was being utilized for infection patients and medical procedure was currently hazardous.

His little girl Tayler Sharp said the activity may have given him longer to live yet rather he kicked the bucket on 27 April.

The medical clinic still can’t seem to remark.

Following his malignancy conclusion in January, Miss Sharp, 23, said it had been “downhill from that point, he said he felt like a ping pong ball since he was going from arrangement to arrangement”.

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The malignancy had spread to Mr Sharp’s lymph hubs and the week prior to his planned activity he was told medical procedure was not, at this point ok for him during the pandemic.

‘Snapped away from him’

He was likewise encountering heart and liver issues and was rather alluded to have chemotherapy and in the long run palliative radiotherapy to assist him with adapting to the side effects.

Miss Sharp stated: “Clearly it truly irritated him, however I clarified that they weren’t doing it to be repulsive.”

“They were doing it since they needed him to come out the opposite side of the activity.”

She said he was “grief stricken” getting the news.

“He had been given a 98% possibility of getting through the activity and living for anyway long, and it was simply snapped away from him simply like that due to coronavirus. It was dreadful,” she included.