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Man ‘killed wife and daughter after losing influence over them’

Man 'killed wife and daughter

A man slaughtered his significant other and girl in a desirous fury subsequent to “losing his controlling impact” over their lives, a court has heard.

Marcin Zdun, 40, is accused of the homicide of Aneta Zdun, 40, and Nikoleta Zdun, 18, at their home in Wiltshire.

The ladies were found at a house in Wessex Road, Salisbury, on 1 June and articulated dead at the scene.

Mr Zdun, who is being investigated at Winchester Crown Court, denies the homicide accusations.

Opening the indictment, Nicholas Haggan QC said around a month prior to the ladies were killed, the respondent had attempted to choke his better half.

Mr Haggan said Mrs Zdun had told an associate at Wessex Care, where she functioned as a network uphold specialist, that “she was unable to inhale” and said “I was so blue”.

She disclosed to her companion the respondent had pushed their girl against the kitchen organizers when she had attempted to mediate, the court heard.

Mr Haggan stated: “Nikoleta needed to call the police, however Aneta persuaded her not to, stating she was fine.”

He said after the occurrence, Mr Zdun was approached to take off from the family house and his better half looked for a separation.

‘Frightened by him’

The court heard that five days after the fact, in a trade on Facebook, Mrs Zdun’s girl advised her “she was stressed that the respondent may kill her and (Nikoleta)”.

  • “She disclosed to her mom the respondent was, to utilize her assertion, a psycho,” Mr Haggan said.
  • “Furthermore, she said Nikoleta was alarmed by him.”

Mr Zdun told individuals his significant other was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with a man he worked with at Tesco, however this was a “appearance of the litigant’s envious doubts”, the jury heard.

“Those envious doubts, combined with the breakdown of the marriage, the litigant’s removal from the family home, and the way that his significant other needed a separation, we propose accordingly the deficiency of his controlling impact over Aneta and Nikoleta so irritated this respondent that sooner or later – he chose to execute them,” he said.

The preliminary proceeds.