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Marie Cau: First transgender mayor elected in France

Marie Cau: First transgender mayor

A trans lady in France has won political decision in her neighborhood collective to turn into the nation’s first straightforwardly transgender city hall leader.

The gathering in Tilloy-lez-Marchiennes in northeastern France picked Marie Cau as its new city hall leader on Saturday.

The 55-year-old ran on a foundation of environmental manageability and building the neighborhood economy.

Addressing the AFP news office, Ms Cau said she was “not an extremist” and needed to concentrate on metropolitan legislative issues.

“Individuals didn’t choose me since I was or was not transgender, they chose a program,” Ms Cau said. “That is what’s intriguing: when things become typical, you don’t get singled out.”

France’s sexual orientation correspondence serve Marlène Schiappa tweeted her help on Sunday.

“Trans perceivability, and the battle against transphobia, additionally relies upon practicing political and open duties. Congrats Marie Cau!”

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Occupants of Tilloy-lez-Marchiennes – a cooperative of under 600 occupants on the Belgian outskirt – casted a ballot in city decisions in March.

They chose all the councilors from the “Choosing Together” list, among them Ms Cau. On Saturday these councilors casted a ballot about consistently to make her the new civic chairman of the town.

Stéphanie Nicot, prime supporter of France’s National Transgender Association, said the political race demonstrated that “our kindred residents are increasingly dynamic”, deciding on “the estimation of people, paying little heed to their sexual orientation character”.