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Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown cover with surprise radio call

Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown


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It’s the radio overthrow of the lockdown.

At the point when the moderator of a Dublin breakfast program learned Hollywood entertainer Matt Damon was in isolate in the rich suburb of Dalkey, he went through about a month and a half enthusiastically crusading for a meeting.

It was never a genuine solicitation however, conceded Nathan O’Reilly.

So he and co-have Graham O’Toole were paralyzed when Damon’s associate called for this present week to ask when he could go on air.

‘I’m going to hurl’

Mr O’Reilly told the Good Morning Ulster program he and his co-have at first idea it was a trick.

“He stated: ‘Folks, Matt has been tuning in to the show. He needs to come on.’

“I took a gander at Graham and stated: ‘Are you tricking me?’ And then Graham thought I was tricking him.”

Be that as it may, when the An audience did in fact bring in to SPIN 1038 by means of video-connect on Wednesday morning, Mr O’Reilly acknowledged it was no trick, and told the on-screen character: “I have an inclination that I’m going to hurl.”

“I was simply throwing words at Matt,” he said of his talking procedure.

“I realized Matt Damon was in Dalkey, however I never expected we would get him on the show.”

He depicted the meeting as “the exemplary story of the tall man with the fantasy”.

Mr O’Reilly clarified that he previously heard Damon had flown into Dublin with his better half, Luciana Barrosa, and their kids toward the beginning of March to film Ridley Scott’s new film The Last Duel.

Very quickly, creation was closed down under Covid-19 limitations and the on-screen character and his family have been living in Formula 1 star Eddie Irvine’s home from that point onward.

‘Not going to occur’

Mr O’Reilly knew about individuals from the open who had spotted or met Damon and welcomed them on his show.

“I began getting individuals on the show who had met Matt Damon either running, in a recreation center, or seeing him swim, yet all the narratives were not driving us any closer, they were simply intriguing stories,” he said.

“We did it for about a month and a half and afterward I acknowledged destruction. I stated: ‘It won’t occur.'”

Twitter post by @spin1038: Fully Charged's Graham & Nathan did it!Here's the WORLD EXCLUSIVE interview with Matt Damon from the safety of quarantine in Dalkey.He talks his daughter getting COVID-19, how he ended up in Ireland, that SuperValu bag photo & lots more!#MattOnSpin

At the point when he did at long last bring in, Damon told the moderators he had heard the intrigue while driving in Dublin a month prior.

“I was in the vehicle with my children and I heard you discussing so much stuff, and you all gave the number to bring in,” he said.

“Furthermore, I was attempting to remember the number, and afterward I strolled into the house and my better half began looking at something and I completely overlooked your number.”

From that point forward, each time the Bourne Identity star had been tuning in to the station in the vehicle he had tuned in out for the number.

At that point his significant other prompted him to look SPIN 1038 into on the web.

“She resembles: ‘You’re such a dolt, much the same as look into their number, you don’t need to sit tight for them to state it!'”

He additionally told the radio has that U2 frontman Bono – who lives close by – referenced the intrigue to him.

“He said to me a week ago: ‘You know there’s a radio broadcast that is searching for you.'”


“I resembled: ‘I truly gotta track those folks down, I gotta call into that appear. It’s gone on excessively long.'”

Mr O’Reilly kidded that he had recently been kicked out of a Dalkey inhabitants’ Facebook bunch in the wake of imparting his intrigue to local people.

Sightings of the entertainer had been causing a buzz in the zone for a considerable length of time. Dublin mum Siobhan Berry spotted him after a family swim with her kids and requested an image.

The photograph of Damon holding sacks from a notable Irish grocery store chain was broadly shared via web-based networking media.

She and her better half at first made a deal to avoid sharing the photograph openly, yet in the wake of hearing the meeting, she adjusted her perspective.

“You may have seen this photograph doing the rounds recently,” she tweeted.

Matt Damon and wife Luciana Bozan Barroso

Damon affirmed to the SPIN 1038 moderators that the plastic sacks he was conveying contained towels, not jars of lager, as some had recommended.

In the 15-minute meeting, the Contagion star said his oldest little girl Alexia – who had stayed in New York where she was going to school – contracted coronavirus at a beginning period of the pandemic, yet “overcame it fine”.

“We have the three more youthful ones and our most established one, we’ll rejoin with her toward the month’s end… be that as it may, everyone’s alright,” he said.

He additionally depicted the experience of being in lockdown in Dalkey as being “like a fantasy”.

“I can perceive any reason why all these [Dalkey residents], you know when we came in they resembled well Bono lives over yonder and Enya lives over there…”


He said he felt remorseful that his family, who had carried educators with them to Ireland so their kids could be taught during recording, were having such a calm encounter of lockdown.

“Truly, you need to remain inside two kilometers of your home, however in two kilometers of here, there’s trees and woods, there’s sea… I can’t think about wherever you’d preferably be in a two kilometers span. I thought it was staggering two months prior, yet now it’s sprouting… it’s crazy.”

He said that when “the world rights itself”, he will return to shooting.

“I have at any rate a couple of months increasingly here. Who recognizes what the world will resemble [at that stage].”