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Milford residents unite for local tree lighting

Milford residents unite for local tree


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Story by Emily Eschweiler, Haley Ruane, Abby Woodward and Amanda Queiroz/Joseph A. Foran High School, Milford

Wherever you look there are red and green lights that shine up the sky.

You can see Santa and his mythical people off out there tuning in to what kids need to discover under their tree Christmas morning.

Surrounding you can hear occasion melodies being played and everybody chiming in to them in congruity.

This was the scene at the Milford tree lighting on November 29, where inhabitants met up to praise the start of the Christmas season.

To Milford inhabitants, the tree lighting has formed into a nearby occasion to spread seasonal joy every year.

Milford residents unite for local tree lighting

At the point when you investigate, you can spot numerous commonplace faces accumulated around the focal point of Milford with a grin.