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Nottingham bell’s rogue ringing wakes residents

Nottingham bell's rogue


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A shortcoming on a city’s ringer has made it ring late into the night, with many revealing upset rest.

The 10-ton Little John in Nottingham’s Council House has the most profound ring in the UK and can be heard up to seven miles away.

Typically it stops at 22:30 GMT, however a warming disappointment in the clock tower has made the quieting component stick.

One inhabitant told it was “giving numerous individuals an exceptionally terrible night’s rest”.

 Nottingham bell's rogue ringing wakes residents
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  • The ringer was heard ringing from the get-go Monday and Tuesday.

Daemyn Taylor tweeted Nottingham to state he had heard it at 03:30 GMT and Jack Isaacs thought he had heard it completing 13 bongs at 01:00 GMT.

A Nottingham City Council representative said they accepted designers had fixed the issue, however at 12 PM on Tuesday, the tolls were heard to ring again multiple times.

They have now been killed totally while laborers look again.

It comes as the authority demanded the ringer would not ring after 23:00 GMT on 31 January to check Brexit.

 Nottingham bell's rogue ringing wakes residents