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Pakistan girls murdered over phone video footage

Pakistan girls murdered


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Two high school young ladies have been killed in a purported “respect executing” in north-west Pakistan following a video coursed on the web.

They are said to have been shot dead by relatives recently in a town on the fringe of the North and South Waziristan inborn areas.

The killings came after a video showed up via web-based networking media indicating the young ladies with a youngster, police said.

Two men were supposedly captured on Sunday regarding the case.

The two men were the dad of one of the people in question and sibling of the other casualty, police authorities told.

The occurrence is said to have occurred on Thursday evening at Shaam Plain Garyom, an outskirt town of North and South Waziristan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as indicated by police.

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The purpose for the killings of the two young ladies, matured 16 and 18, is accepted to be a video, gave to the which shows a youngster recording himself with three little youngsters in a detached zone outside.

It showed up the video was shot about a year prior and most presumably became famous online via web-based networking media half a month back, a senior police official disclosed to Dawn paper.

“Right now, our highest need is to make sure about the life of the third young lady and the man before making any move,” the official said.

Human Rights Watch says that brutality against ladies and young ladies stays a major issue in Pakistan.

Activists accept around 1,000 such “respect slaughtering” murders are done the nation over consistently.

What is a ‘respect murdering’?

It is the executing of an individual from a family who is seen to have brought disrespect upon family members.

Weight bunch Human Rights Watch says the most widely recognized reasons are that the person in question:

  • wouldn’t go into an orchestrated marriage
  • was the survivor of a rape or assault
  • had sexual relations outside marriage, regardless of whether just claimed

In any case, killings can be done for progressively minor reasons, such as dressing in a way regarded improper or showing conduct seen as insubordinate.