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Pakistan to remain on FATF grey list till February


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ISLAMABAD: The Finan­cial Action Task Force (FATF) has chosen on a fundamental level that Pakistan will stay on its dim rundown till next February and guided Islamabad to take ‘additional measures’ for ‘finished’ disposal of dread financing and tax evasion.

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A FATF meeting in Paris on Tuesday looked into the measures that Islamabad has just taken to control illegal tax avoidance and dread financing. In any case, the gathering saw that Islamabad should make further strides in these four months.

The FATF has connected the boycotting of Pakistan with inadmissible strides to control illegal tax avoidance and dread financing. The FATF will settle on official conclusion in Feb 2020.

A proper declaration about these advancements will be made on Oct 18 this year.


The representative for the money service, Omar Hameed Khan was drawn closer to confirm the news however he said that “it isn’t valid and nothing before October 18”.

Islamabad asked to take additional measures to abstain from diving into boycott

In any case, Paris-based reporter of Aaj TV Younus Khan affirmed to Dawn on telephone that the FATF has chosen to give an extra relief of four months to Pakistan to help her actualize remaining suggestions.

“My sources have affirmed to me about these improvements,” Mr Khan stated, including that a conventional proclamation in such manner will be given on Friday, the most recent day of the most recent FATF session.

A Pakistani designation drove by Minister for Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar told the gathering that Islamabad has gained positive ground in 20 out of 27 points. The FATF ex­­pressed fulfillment on the mea­­sures taken by Pakistan and its encouraging in different territories.

Mr Azhar couldn’t be reached to get official reaction in spite of endeavors.

Six days of FATF gatherings will concentrate on upsetting budgetary streams connected to wrongdoings and psychological warfare and talk about approaches to add to worldwide wellbeing and security.

China, Turkey and Malaysia valued the means taken by Pakistan.

In the mean time, delegates from 205 nations and locales around the globe, the IMF, UN, World Bank and different associations are going to the gathering.

At the Tuesday meeting, India has prescribed to boycott Pakistan on the supplication that Islamabad has permitted Hafiz Saeed to pull back assets from his solidified records.

Concerns were additionally raised on the expense absolution plan offered in Pakistan.

On the by and large help stretched out by Turkey, China and Malaysia, the FATF chose not to incorporate Pakistan on the boycott and give it more opportunity to actualize the rest of the measures.

The choice to remain on dark rundown is still viewed as an accomplishment of the legislature. Besides, the FATF additionally recognized the means previously taken by Pakistan to anticipate illegal tax avoidance and fear based oppressors’ entrance to monetary sources. The FATF focused on the requirement for further execution of the activity plan by Pakistan.

As per the FATF sanction involving 36 nations, the help of in any event three nations is required to not boycott any nation.

In August 2019, the Asia-Pacific Group, a territorial partner of the FATF, additionally communicated worry over Pakistan’s presentation because of specialized defects. Islamabad is committed to report its exhibition to the Group at regular intervals.

Distributed in October sixteenth, 2019