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Pakistani Gov’t Tries To Stop Protest From Reaching Islamabad


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Ansar-ul Islam, the stick-wielding volunteers of Jamiat Ulema-e Islam Fazal (JUI-F) party raise hands as they prepare for the freedom march in Peshawar
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The Pakistani government gives off an impression of being utilizing a scope of strategies to forestall a significant resistance dissent planned for toppling the organization of Prime Minister Imran Khan from arriving at the capital, Islamabad.

To hinder the Islamist party Jamiat Ulma-e Islam (JUI) from flooding Islamabad with supporters, the specialists have captured individuals and divulged plans to shut down streets to the capital. Specialists are additionally gauging a restriction on volunteers related with JUI and are pushing for a total media prohibition on covering its occasions and pioneers.

Senior authorities have additionally contacted Muslim priests to undermine the intrigue of JUI pioneer Maulana Fazlur Rehman. The administration declared designs to hold converses with Rehman while gathering police powers in Islamabad.

JUI pioneers state their “opportunity walk” will see more than 1 million supporters dive on Islamabad by October 31. Most resistance groups bolster the dissent, which Rehman says plans to compel Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) to leave office to clear route for new races.

“I need to demand [Maulana] Fazlur Rehman to consider the gravity of the present circumstance and settle on a normal choice,” Sheik Rashid Ahmed, Pakistan’s railroads serve, told writers in Islamabad on October 21.

Ahmed said he trusted resistance pioneers would defer the dissent given Pakistan’s progressing conflicts and pressures with archrival India along the Line of Control. The mobilized fringe differentiates the breaking points of Pakistani and Indian principle over the contested Himalayan district of Kashmir.

“They [the resistance leaders] are on the whole experienced lawmakers, [and] I have a few desires for them in these tough occasions,” he said.

Be that as it may, JUI pioneer Akram Durrani poured cold water over his expectations. “There will be no trade off on the opportunity walk,” he told writers late on October 21 after certain pioneers of the nine resistance groups supporting the dissent met to ponder a joint technique.

“In the event that the administration group needs to arrange, first it needs to give confirmations that it won’t make leaps in the walk,” Durrani requested. A week ago, Khan requested that few bureau individuals structure a dealings council to approach Rehman for talks. The JUI pioneer, be that as it may, would not consult with the panel.

Pakistani media reports demonstrated that the Interior Ministry had set up a “control room” in Islamabad to screen the dissent and guarantee that dissidents from the contiguous territories can’t arrive at the capital on October 31.

Reports by nearby TV slots and columnists show that specialists are gathering an enormous number of transportation holders to close streets and cordon off key government workplaces inside Islamabad.

“The police halted me and constrained me to take my truck to the Khairabad Bridge, where they expelled the compartment from my truck,” Nisar Ahmed, an older trucker, told private Geo News TV.

Two extensions over the stream Indus in Khairabad associate the northwestern region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Islamabad through the areas of Attock and Rawalpindi in the eastern region of Punjab. Portions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are viewed as conventional JUI fortifications while partner Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) considers Punjab a key bastion.

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Pakistani media reports state experts in Islamabad were likewise examining burrowing trench along trails prompting Islamabad to keep nonconformists from evading barriers by foot.

On October 21, Islamabad police captured JUI pioneers Maulana Shafi-ur-Rehman and Maulana Mohammad Irshad for advancing the dissent. Pakistani media is overflowing with reports that Rehman and other senior JUI pioneers are probably going to be kept or banished from leaving their homes before October 31.

A week ago, specialists glided restricting Ansar-ul Islam. The stick-using volunteers are a piece of the JUI and are regularly entrusted with giving security and upholding discipline during its gatherings. On October 16, Geo News TV said it halted live inclusion of Rehman’s question and answer session on the sets of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

To fight off a conceivable government crackdown, JUI pioneers are vowing to stay tranquil. “I guarantee that the walk will be tranquil yet caution the organization against making obstacles,” Durrani told columnists.

Pakistani Defense Minister Pervez Khattak is going the administration’s board entrusted with moving toward the restriction. He cautioned the JUI as of late that the state will authorize its power and the “law will follow through to its logical end” if the restriction presses ahead with its dissent plans.

Given the arrangements by both the JUI and the administration, the dissent is probably going to be a significant standoff between the two. Both are questionable about turning out solid from the encou