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Pakistani man ‘comes back to life’ in Ajman scam


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Pakistani specialist and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) laborer Chaudhary Hayyab Arif Kamboh lied about his demise in 2017 and has now begun an organization to trick exporters in Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

, the “ideological specialist” of the ideological group had arranged his ‘demise’ in an evident street mishap in Sharjah on July 17, 2017.

Hayyab’s less than ideal ‘demise’ was even grieved by the Karachi-based gathering.

“Tear Chaudhary Hayyab Arif Kamboh bhai. Our most profound sympathies to the group of this ideological specialist of MQM from Lahore who passed away on July nineteenth in a sad street mishap in UAE,” MQM Television said in its authority Facebook page on July 21, 2017.

“May Allah award him most significant level in paradise and give his lamented family enough fortitude to hold up under their misfortune,” included the internet based life post.

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It was joined by a photograph collection of the expired. One picture indicated Hayyab’s ‘dead’ body enclosed by a white entombment cover.

A Facebook post by his more youthful sibling Mian Zaryab, 20, likewise pursued discussing his battle to manage the ‘misfortune’.

“Heading out to Bahrain for an undertaking… Initiative of this task was taken by my senior sibling Chaudhary Arif Hayyab Kamboh. I’m missing him a great deal today since today I need to deal with these things all alone… after his demise I feel alone in my life… ” Zaryab composed on August 7, 2017.Both posts inspired an overflowing of distress with scores paying tributes to him.

  • Resurrected
  • Hayyab, be that as it may, is a long way from dead. He is perfectly healthy.

Actually, if the individuals who managed him are to be accepted, he’s as of now bustling raking in huge profits by defrauding abroad organizations.

As of late, a few Indian and Indonesian exporters have reached Gulf News enumerating how they were tricked out of a large number of dirhams worth of organic products, vegetables and grains by H&MZ Global Worldwide, a staple exchanging organization propelled by Hayyab in Ajman just about 14 months after his indicated demise.

Not insignificant rundown

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Shri Siddhivinayak (rice: $93,000); JK Export (coconut: $39,000); Dakshah Overseas (bananas: $18,071) Mahakal (onions: $20,034); Bintang Persaka (wood charcoal: $31,041) K. Worldwide (red chillies: $35,700); CV Tri Mitra Persaka (coconut: $12,375) and Bhavya Enterprises (rice: $17,750). It’s a not insignificant rundown and it’s getting longer as time passes as more exploited people approach.

None of them has been paid. Exporters said they were fooled into transportation huge amounts of nourishment material to H&MZ by its proprietor Hayyab in the wake of being guaranteed installment inside 24 hours of conveyance.

It isn’t so much that the exporters didn’t do any due constancy. Some like Mumbai-based Vijay Ruparen, who provided dried red chillies worth Dh130,000, even traveled to the UAE a month ago to check the forerunners of the organization.

Careful arranging

  • “Hayyab Arif sent his chief with a bunch of roses to pick me from the air terminal. He drove me to Ajman and put me up in an extravagant lodging… I was intrigued.
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  • The next day, I met Hayyab Arif at his office. There was nothing remotely to recommend the majority of this was an act,” he reviewed.

“Secure in the conviction that I was managing a rumored organization, I gave the bill of replenishing to Hayyab Arif which empowered him to discharge the shipment from Jebel Ali Port. He vowed to pay a similar night. That day never came. I went through days pursuing him yet he would not see me or react to my calls,” added Ruparen who came back to Ajman as of late and advised the police about the case.

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A comparative encounter was described by Akshay Laljibhai from Bhavnanagar in Gujarat who provided two holders of red onions worth almost Dh65,000.

“He treated me like sovereignty yet once he got the shipment he disposed of me like an utilized teabag. At the point when I request my installment, he derides me,” said Laljibhai, sharing obscenity bound WhatsApp voice messages where Hayyab can be heard mocking, mishandling and in any event, threatening him.


“Indeed, I trick individuals … this is my business … A greater hoodlum than me is yet to be conceived. I carefully select my unfortunate casualties and go after ravenous canines like you. This is my specialty professionally. You were a trick to succumb to me,” he’s heard telling Laljibhai in the sound.

He likewise says that he doesn’t considerably recollect what number of bodies of evidence he has against him in Pakistan. “For what reason do you figure I don’t return there?”

Bay News was not able check the validness of the messages in spite of the fact that Hayyab himself told the news source’s writer that the voice in the sound is in reality his.

Hayyab reacts

He guaranteed that he didn’t phony his passing and does not understand why MQM posted a tribute about him.

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the image of him lying dead?

“That is from my theater days in Pakistan where I played a dead man in a phase appear,” he stated, declining to uncover the name of the play or when it was organized. “It’s my own issue,” he said.

On the off chance that this were the situation, at that point why has his more youthful sibling posted the phony news about this passing on his Facebook page?

“Goodness, that was not him. Somebody hacked his Facebook account and posted it,” he answered.

Hayyab couldn’t give any proof to demonstrate in the event that he or his sibling reached MQM or Facebook in such manner.

He denied claims that he has tricked exporters. He said every one of them were lying and that he didn’t pay them as the staple, veggies and natural products provided by every last one of them were of low quality.

“I have archives to demonstrate it,” he said.

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When inquired as to why he has quit accepting calls of exporters, Hayyab said that he has lost his cellphone and couldn’t get a substitution SIM card as there’s an extraordinary bill against it. “It’s my own issue why I would prefer not to clear my contribution and get a substitution SIM,” he said reacting to a call made by Gulf News on his new cellphone number.

In the interim, H&MZ, Hayyab’s second organization Saya International FZE, and Soha Arif Foodstuff Trading – claimed by his sibling Zaryab – keep on requesting clients in various pieces of the world.

Organizations which dispatched merchandise to Soha Arif Foodstuff said they have been comparably tricked. Best Zest Agro which provided coconuts, pegged its misfortunes at $97,412 while Shri Siddhivinyayak detailed losing rice esteemed at $93,000.

Trapped in limbo

Exporters said their endeavors to stop a police objection have experienced a mental blackout as the specialists have guided them to the courts.

“It’s not attainable to seek after a court case from abroad. On the off chance that losing cash to a trick isn’t terrible enough, we need to now front high lawful expenses to take on an extended legitimate conflict,” said one of them.

Up until now, just Sharjah-based 10X has moved toward courts. It provided onions worth $110,000 to Soha Arif Foodstuff.

In an email to Gulf News, Soha Arif’s proprietor Mian Zaryab completely denied connections with H&MZ Global Worldwide however a Gulf News examination demonstrated generally.

Mian Zaryab is referenced as Import Manager on a business card of H&MZ Global Worldwide. Zaryab demands he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how his name showed up on the business card of an outsider.

“It’s a trick against me,” he said.

Notwithstanding, that doesn’t appear to be the situation as the email imprinted on the H&MZ card close by his name is a similar he gave while enrolling the space name of Soha Arif Foodstuff.

Notwithstanding industrious addressing, Zaryab wouldn’t verify or refute if he’s identified with Hayyab. For most questions, his standard reaction was the same than his senior sibling. “It’s my own issue.”