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Pakistani villager urges India to return ‘spy’ pigeon

Pakistani villager urges


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A Pakistani resident has encouraged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to restore his pigeon, as of now being held in India on charges of spying.

The man, who lives simply 4km (2.5 miles) from the fringe, said he flew his pigeons to observe Eid celebration.

Police said the pigeon had a ring on one of its legs, engraved with a code that they were attempting to unravel.

The Pakistani resident, who guarantees the captured pigeon is his, says the code is really his cell phone number.

Pakistan’s Dawn paper has recognized the man as Habibullah and reports that he possesses twelve pigeons.

Habibullah told the paper that his pigeon was an “image of harmony” and India should “avoid deceiving guiltless flying creatures”.

Townspeople caught the feathered creature on Monday along the worldwide fringe in Indian-managed Kashmir and gave it over to the police.

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The Kashmir district is asserted by the two India and Pakistan, and is the location of standard military trades between the atomic furnished neighbors.

This isn’t the first run through a pigeon flying from Pakistan experiences arrived in difficulty with Indian authorities.

In May 2015, a white pigeon was captured after it was spotted by a 14-year-old kid in a town near the fringe.

What’s more, in October 2016, another pigeon was arrested after it was found with a note undermining the Indian executive.

The two countries have been adversaries for quite a while, with the last full war between them occurring in 1971.