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PC had sex with woman in Launceston police station toilet

PC had sex with woman


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A police constable is confronting a jail sentence in the wake of engaging in sexual relations with a wrongdoing casualty in a debilitated latrine at his station.

PC Christopher Wilson, 43, welcomed the lady to the latrine through content on 2 December, Exeter Crown Court was told.

He revealed to her sex inside the police headquarters in Launceston, Cornwall, was “the insidious piece which makes it all the more energizing”.

Wilson, of Saltash, East Cornwall, conceded unfortunate behavior in a public office.

The lady was detailing a wrongdoing when Wilson moved toward her, inquiring as to whether she needed to “get with a man in uniform”.

She followed him into the unisex debilitated latrine where they occupied with sexual action, the court heard.

Judge Timothy Rose revealed to Wilson he was probably going to be sent directly to prison when he returned for condemning in January.

“Clearly, the court will consider different choices however I would prefer not to misdirect you. You should return understanding that jail is high on the plan,” he said.

Mr James le Grys, arraigning, said messages were found in which Wilson examined sex with another lady.

He additionally sent sexual messages to the lady after she left the police headquarters, the court heard.

Susannah Stevens, shielding, said Wilson had not anticipated that the lady should follow him into the latrine however acknowledged acting inappropriately when she did.

Wilson stays suspended from obligation with Devon and Cornwall Police.