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Plinofficial: Russian rapper who loved dollars arrested by FBI

Plinofficial: Russian rapper


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A court in Pennsylvania this week took up the argument against a 29-year-old Russian rapper, known as Plinofficial, blamed for cybercrimes. He once longed for turning into the greatest rap craftsman on earth. Where did it turn out badly?

“Hitched to money, revved up and ready to go” – this is the manner by which Maksim Boiko, a rapper initially from Siberia, planned his philosophy in 2015. His track The Money is Flying turned out in an assortment called Killa Verse.

Plinofficial was never an easily recognized name. MTV Russia fans casted a ballot him 74th best Russian rapper and he seldom acted out in the open.

Be that as it may, the redhead from northern Russia needed to stand apart among his kindred rappers. Despite the fact that he was unable to have originated from a progressively unique world, Boiko related to dark hip-jump culture in the US and attempted to imitate it in his own way of life, composing via web-based networking media that he lived and rapped like an African-American man.

Boiko found out about the lives of American rappers during an outing to the US. He received their propensity for shooting himself with a pile of money close to his ear – the renowned “cash telephone” image to take after the “block” versatile of the 1980s.

Boiko distributed a photograph of the fat blocks of money, held together firmly with flexible groups, on Instagram. Inundated with red bills depicting Chairman Mao, he made them into pyramids. Greenbacks with US presidents looked great against a background of extravagance totes. Red and earthy colored notes were just any utilization for “calls” inside Russia.

Boiko drove a white Mercedes, donned a costly Hublot wristwatch and drank Moët champagne. He rapped, “I’ve been seen playing insane games with money/you’ll brush off the rooftop with such a reserve”, and “We adolescents are making enormous burdens/we’re making our ‘Louis’ packs detonate.” “Plainly I’m debilitated and dependent on target/since 16 I’m free from my father and mother.”

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“I live in Russia, I’m making some extraordinary memories, I’m sure, quiet, I rest soundly and don’t stress,” the rapper said in a meeting on TheMostRussia Youtube direct in 2017. “It doesn’t make a difference the amount you gain; the significant thing is to rest soundly around evening time.”

Over two years after the fact, despite everything quiet and sure, Boiko and his pregnant spouse traveled to the US. He expected to turn into a dad and discharge a collection there. In February 2020 the couple’s infant young lady was conceived.

Half a month later, on 28 March, only days before his collection dispatch, Boiko fell under the control of the FBI who had been considering his work and Instagram photographs.

At the wellspring of Russian snare

Conceived in an oil-penetrating town of Muravlenko, in the Yamal-Nenets region in the extremely north of Siberia, near the Arctic circle, Boiko has not generally had the option to manage the cost of his excessive way of life.

In a meeting for a Russian music site, Boiko discussed his folks as standard regular workers individuals. he has discovered that Boiko’s dad went from being a circuit tester to a creation chief at a Gazprom auxiliary in the north of Russia.

Before he left school, Boiko set up a free hip-bounce name and with his breakdancing companions began performing at celebrations in Muravlenko and the neighboring town of Noyabrsk. The tickets cost around 30 roubles ($0.40) and once in a while the gigs were dropped due to terrible climate. The normal winter temperature in this piece of Russia is – 13F (- 25C) underneath zero.

“The lager barrel would get cold while you conveyed it to the condo square passageway, where you’d hang out in the foyer with the fellows,” Boiko told TheMostRussia.


Matured 17, Boiko moved to Chelyabinsk, an a lot bigger city in Western Siberia, to consider news-casting. During his second year at college he composed on VKontakte: “Contemplating is light and not examining – heaps of available time, liquor and chicks.”

Boiko spent the late spring of 2010 in New York on a vacationer visa. Subsequent to going through the entirety of his cash in seven days, he got a new line of work as a watchman, first for $12, at that point $17 60 minutes.

At the point when he got back, he quit his course and moved to St Petersburg, Russia’s second biggest city, which he had visited a few times and now started to call home.

He joined the Swagga Music aggregate, and the neighborhood Trap scene. Trap is a type of hip-jump which began in the US during the 1990s, however obtained a more up to date sound – with a profound reverberation and multilayered synthesizers – in the principal half of the 2010s.

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Swagga Music was one of the first to perform Trap in Russia – well before it was mainstream. Boiko called Lev Twice (Levon Papyan) who established the gathering, the “main impetus behind the moves”.

Be that as it may, in summer 2012 Papyan kicked the bucket. The city rap-scene was dead for a while. Many feel that it despite everything hasn’t recouped from the misfortune.

That harvest time, Boiko set out toward Paris with a companion and after that his life changed totally.

A provider of Chinese divider plugs

“Two, tying fellows (21 and 22 years of age) looking for work in the European Union. At present we are in France however we’re set up to go any place there is a sensible offer. No unfortunate propensities. We are available to any business offers,” Boiko composed on quest for new employment sites.

A couple of months after the fact Boiko appeared in Guangzhou, China’s light industry and monetary administrations place. It was here he started to distribute his still life creations with the Renminbi – Chinese individuals’ cash on Instagram.

“Heaps of individuals ask me, what am I doing in China and where does all the cash originate from,” Boiko composed on VKontakte. He clarified he had become an exchanging rep for Bizazia, an organization which for 10% commission provided Chinese merchandise to Russia. Boiko guaranteed his perusers these bonuses were the wellspring of his boundless and legitimate “hustle” – slang for making a benefit.

FBI Affidavit

The organization was established by a Russian couple – Igor Tolokonnikov and Kristina Glukhovskaya – who Boiko had met in Guangzhou. The rapper requested that their authorization utilize their organization’s legitimate status for dealings. They didn’t contradict it albeit authoritatively they had no conventional relationship with Boiko.

“He worked with his own customers however utilized our organization”, Igor clarifies. “He was acceptable at purchasing and selling,” says Kristina. “For instance, somebody in Russia needed divider plugs. He would locate a Chinese production line delivering them, concurred a cost and dispatched the request.”

The couple experienced issues noting exactly how beneficial this business was for Boiko.

“He didn’t need to do a great deal of work [supplying the goods], it was truly insignificant,” Igor reviews. “In any case, he honed up his business discernment in China.”

Computer screen showing qqaazz text

By the by, it was in China that Boiko started to parade his riches – after he had “messed about in Paris, messed about in New York, messed about in Russia, messed about in Siberia” (these are lines from his track, From The Very Bottom).

That was the point at which he could bear the cost of a wonderful signal which Boiko called, his “first masculine act”. He asked his dad who was remaining in St Petersburg to meet a colleague and get a bundle from him. In the bundle was 1.5m roubles (£30,000, $48,400 at that point). His folks were dumbfounded.

“I simply made them work moves, not much,” Boiko told TheMostRussia. “I told my folks they could keep the money and clear their obligations.”

After two years Boiko returned to St Petersburg and quit attempting to discover customers for Chinese products. In any case, the hustle proceeded.

Bitcoins and an independent collection

On 25 July, 2017 Plinofficial reported the arrival of his presentation collection Goldy. Up to that point Boiko had just recorded assortments with different craftsmen.

U.S. Courthouse and Post Office, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The rapper made a music video with evening time races around St Petersburg. In it a programmer takes a BMW from an underground carpark by placing two or three orders into his scratch pad.

As indicated by the FBI, soon after his arrival to St Petersburg Boiko took up PC and banking extortion. They accept the rapper, who griped via web-based networking media that he continued neglecting to log out of his records on others’ PCs, was transforming into a huge cybercriminal.

A chain of occasions pave the way to it. The July day when Boiko declared his hotly anticipated independent collection, in Greece, the police captured Russian resident Alexander Vinnik. American law-authorization think of him as one of the originators and directors of the cryptographic money trade BTC-e. Vinnik was the “mind” behind the illicit tasks of a group which is accepted to have washed some $4bn (£3bn) more than quite a while.

That equivalent day, the FBI evacuated the servers with data about BTC-e customers from a server farm in New Jersey. The trade went disconnected and soon re-opened under another name – Wex.

Other than the USA, Russia and France were likewise requesting Vinnik’s removal. The Greeks gave him over to the French specialists. Vinnik asserted he was just an advisor to BTC-e, that’s it.

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The FBI says it discovered Boiko’s email on BTC-e’s customer list. Another record, for ‘gangass’ was associated with it. In the record of justification for his capture, it says gangass contributed $388,000 and pulled back 136 bitcoins. He could be known as a significant customer.

The most implicating proof against Boiko was found by the FBI in his email and telephone: access to his Gmail and iCloud accounts have been authorized by an American court.

Cybergangster paradise

FBI Special operator Samantha Shelnick drove the examination concerning Boiko’s case. The Western Pennsylvania area court distributed her proof with the request for his capture.

Shelnick is persuaded from contemplating Boiko’s records that in spite of the fact that he frequently tested shooting himself presenting with a lot of money, he absolutely didn’t uncover all on Instagram. In an unpublished photograph of Boiko in a leopardskin hoody driving a BMW, a five-story tower of wads of dollars is pushing against the directing wheel, holding the entire structure from breakdown.

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