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PM’s plane to be rebranded at cost of £900,000

PM's plane to be rebranded


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The plane utilized by Boris Johnson and individuals from the imperial family for worldwide travel is being repainted in the shades of the Union banner to “more readily speak to” the UK abroad.

The red, white and blue “rebranding” will cost about £900,000, No 10 said.

Bringing down Street said it spoke to “esteem for cash” and that the entirety of the work was being done in the UK.

Be that as it may, resistance groups were basic, saying the cash would be better spent on helping the survivors of coronavirus.

No 10 said the airplane was as of now in Cambridgeshire for pre-arranged repainting in “national marking“.

Gotten some information about the plane at the every day coronavirus press instructions, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said “we have consistently burned through cash on advancing the UK round the world” and included that the work RAF Voyager was a piece of that exertion.

The RAF Voyager is utilized by the executive, different pastors and senior individuals from the Royal Family for legitimate commitment.

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It said the makeover would mean the plane “can all the more likely speak to the UK around the globe, while likewise keeping up its military aerial refueling limit”.

Bringing down Street said the entirety of the work was profiting UK providers.

Marshall Aerospace and Defense Group told the they are doing deal with the airplane, which is a lot greater than ones they would generally take a shot at.

Be that as it may, acting Lib Dem pioneer Sir Ed Davey said the cash would have been exceptional spent on supporting medicines for coronavirus patients.

What’s more, the SNP hit out at the planning of the move, which follows Tuesday’s u-turn by the legislature over giving school supper vouchers to low-salary families over the late spring occasions.

Boris Johnson onboard Voyager plane

Work addressed why the administration was spending almost a million pounds “redesigning a plane which more then likely has been grounded for a considerable length of time due to the coronavirus”.

“At the point when families the nation over are stressed over their employments, wellbeing and the instruction of their youngsters, they will appropriately scrutinize the administration’s needs,” said shadow Northern Ireland secretary Louise Haigh.

What’s more, Labor MP Chris Bryant told it was “only a vanity venture for the leader”.

“Individuals who are on leave in my supporters and are unnerved they will lose their positions will be asking why in the world this is a need,” he said.

The RAF Voyager, an Airbus A330 fly, was re-purposed for use by the UK government in 2015, at an expense of £10m.

It was first used to take David Cameron and different pastors to the Nato culmination in Poland in July 2016.

At that point, the administration protected the use, saying it was less expensive than sanctioning flights and would spare about £775,000 per year.