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Police maintaining process of reward and punishment


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LAHORE: According to the headings of Inspector General (IG) of Police Punjab Capt. R Arif Nawaz Khan procedure of discipline and reward is being kept up in Punjab police.

Officials and authorities who perform well are compensated while on records of wastefulness, slackness, trespassing force and defilement, exacting disciplines are additionally given in such manner.

IG after specifically hearing the interests and show cause notification of DSPs from various areas of region gave arranges separately.

As per the subtleties, DSP Sabir Ali was seen as liable of the charges leveled against him and was downgraded to the Inspector rank.

DSP Sabir Ali claimed against his suspension however he was not able offer an acceptable response in a systematic manner on which IG gave requests of his downgrade as Inspector from DSP.

As DSP Investigation iii Faisalabad and SDPO Sadar Rajanpur Muhamad Azeem were seen as liable in two unique request so the discipline decline in compensation and notice were given to them.

SDPO Saddar Multan DSP Ishaq Ahmad Sial was reproved after he was demonstrated liable in request while DSP Saeed Ahmad, DSP Muhammad Waseem and DSP Khalid Mehmood Tabassum show-cause notification were documented as charges against them were not demonstrated

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