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Publisher Jang Group Mir Javed ur Rahman passes away

Publisher Jang Group

KARACHI: Chairman and Printer Publisher Jang Group, Mir Javed ur Rahman, the oldest child of Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman, and sibling of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, died in Karachi on Tuesday.

The Jang Group executive was under treatment at a private medical clinic in Karachi and had been fighting lung malignant growth.

Mir Javed ur Rahman had acquired from his dad, Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman, the twin characteristics of being a dauntless writer and somebody who might perseveringly seek after reality.

Under his visionary initiative, the Jang Group turned into the main media house in Pakistan, working papers, magazines, and TV channels the nation over.

The Jang Group, under the direction of Mir Javed ur Rahman, figured out how to defend reality in spite of serious financial weights applied on it by a few influential people in the course of recent decades.

Mir Javed ur Rahman ingrained the way of life of free articulation at the Jang Group and engraved a few significant heritages on the core of the association, head of them being the estimation of administration to the individuals.

Today, the key to the achievement of the Jang Group lies in the polished methodology of its columnists, investigators and conclusion authors, who have followed in the strides of Mir Javed ur Rahman to bravely talk truth to control.

President Alvi gives his sympathies over destruction of Mir Javed ur Rahman

President Arif Alvi on Tuesday evening gave true sympathies to the Rahman family over the death of Mir Javed ur Rahman and petitioned God for the withdrew soul.

“Mir Javed ur Rahman has unmatched commitments for news-casting in Pakistan,” the president said in his sympathy message on the downfall of the Jang Group boss.

‘Mir Javed ur Rahman’s destruction end of a time in news coverage’

PPP Punjab President Qamar Zaman Qaira has given his sympathies to the Rahman family on the downfall of Mir Javed ur Rahman, recollecting Mir Javed ur Rahman as a pioneer of columnists.

“Mir Javed ur Rahman drove the Jang Group after the downfall of his dad. The end of Mir Javed ur Rahman messengers the finish of a time in intrepid reporting,” Qaira revealed to Geo News in his sympathy message.

‘Mir Javed ur Rahman’s administrations for Pakistan can never be overlooked’

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif likewise gave his sympathies over the downfall of Mir Javed ur Rahman, saying that Mir Javed ur Rahman had the pleasure of driving a gathering that had consistently remained by Pakistan.

“The administrations of Mir Javed ur Rahman for news-casting and for the individuals of Pakistan can’t be overlooked. The downfall of Mir Javed ur Rahman has made a void that can never be filled,” Sharif said in his message.

‘Mir Javed ur Rahman will consistently be recollected’

PML-N representative Marriyum Aurangzeb likewise gave the sympathies of her gathering to the Rahman family on the downfall of Mir Javed ur Rahman, saying that Mir Javed ur Rahman gave his life to the quest for reality.

“The enthusiastic endeavors of Mir Javed ur Rahman for the advancement of bold reporting in Pakistan will consistently be recalled. We supplicate that the Almighty awards his family the tolerance to manage this misfortune,” she said.

‘Mir Javed ur Rahman resembled a senior sibling’

Senior writer Waqar Azimi, remarking on the death of Mir Javed ur Rahman, said that had come as a major stun since the expired resembled a senior sibling to him.

“This is a frustrating news. He resembled my senior sibling. I can’t belive that he’s not with us, it is a major stun. Mir Javed ur Rehman was an awesome man,” Azimi said while conversing with Geo News.

“He used to get tear looked at when we were sitting and discussing religion. He was an inventive disapproved of columnist who advanced Urdu news-casting,” the senior writer said considering his time with the perished.