Romina Ashrafi: Outrage in Iran after girl murdered ‘for eloping’

Romina Ashrafi: Outrage in Iran


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Police in Iran have captured a man blamed for killing his 14-year-old little girl in a supposed respect slaughtering that has started far reaching shock.

Romina Ashrafi fled from home in Gilan territory with her 35-year-former beau after her dad protested their marriage, nearby media said.

The pair were found by police and Romina was sent home in spite of supposedly disclosing to them she dreaded for her life.

Last Thursday night, she was supposedly assaulted by her dad in her room.

News outlet detailed that Romina was “beheaded” with a sickle, and that a while later the dad strolled outside the house “with the sickle in his grasp and admitted”.

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On Wednesday, various national papers featured Romina’s story on their front pages.

“Shaky fatherly home”, read the feature in the professional change Ebtekar, which bemoaned the disappointment of existing enactment to ensure ladies and young ladies.

In the interim, the Persian hashtag #Romina_Ashrafi has been utilized in excess of multiple times on Twitter, with most clients denouncing the killing and the male centric nature of Iranian culture when all is said in done.

Shahindokht Molaverdi, a previous VP for ladies and family undertakings and the present secretary of Iran’s Society for Protecting Women’s Rights, expressed: “Romina is neither the first nor will she be the last casualty of respect killings.”

She included that such homicides would proceed “as long as the law and predominant societies in neighborhood and worldwide networks are not dissuading enough”.

Iran’s Islamic corrective code decreases correctional measures for fathers and other relatives who are indicted for homicide or truly hurting youngsters in aggressive behavior at home or “respect killings”.