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Russia takes part in talks between Syria and Kurdish-led SDF


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 Members of Syrian National Army, known as Free Syrian Army, wave as they drive to cross into Syria near the Turkish border town

By Tom Perry and Rodi Said

BEIRUT/QAMISHLI, Syria, (Reuters) – The Syrian government and the Kurdish-drove Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been holding exchanges with Russian interest, a Syrian Kurdish legislator said on Sunday, communicating trust in an arrangement that would end a Turkish assault.

Ahmed Suleiman, a senior individual from the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, said the discussions were being held at Russia’s Hmeimim airbase in Latakia, albeit a source near the Syrian government said they were occurring in Damascus.

Suleiman didn’t state on the off chance that he or his gathering – which is autonomous from the SDF – had a job all the while.

Said he had “no remark” when gotten some information about Suleiman’s comments. “We have affirmed from the beginning of the (Turkish) intrusion that we will examine all choices that could save our kin ethnic purging,” he said.

The source near the Syrian government said gatherings between the SDF and Damascus had occurred when the most recent Turkish hostile.

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Suleiman, who is from the city of Qamishli in a piece of Syria held by the SDF, said he sought after an arrangement.

“We are currently in Damascus, this is the thing that I can say at present. We trust an understanding is arrived at that stops the war and its perilous and calamitous results on the natives east of the Euphrates”, he told Reuters by means of Whatsapp errand person.

His gathering, one of Syria’s most seasoned Kurdish gatherings, isn’t associated with the self-ruling organization set up by the SDF and other Kurdish gatherings, for example, the PYD party in northern Syria.

Russia is President Bashar al-Assad’s most dominant partner.

Turkish powers upheld by Syrian revolutionary gatherings propelled a hostile on Wednesday into territories of northern Syria constrained by the SDF. Ankara says it is focusing on Kurdish powers connected to a rebellion on Turkish domain.

The Turkish assault started after U.S. powers that have upheld the SDF pulled back from part of the Syrian-Turkish outskirt. The SDF, a significant partner of the United States against Islamic State, considered it a betray.

U.S. Barrier Secretary Mark Esper said on Sunday the United States was ready to clear around 1,000 U.S. troops from northern Syria subsequent to discovering that Turkey intended to expand its invasion further south and west than initially arranged.

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