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Saudi Arabia says it’s not behind tanker attack


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Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs says his country was not behind a suspected strike last week against an Iranian-owned oil tanker in the Red Sea.

Adel al-Jubeir told reporters on Sunday that Saudi Arabia did not engage in such behavior. He added that it’s not how his country operates.

The minister also said, “The story is not complete. So let’s wait and find out what happened before we jump to conclusions.”

Two explosions occurred on an Iranian tanker when it was navigating in the Red Sea on Friday, about 100 kilometers off the coast of Jeddah in western Saudi Arabia.

Iran’s foreign ministry claims the ship was attacked, without naming any country or organization. Some media reports in Iran have suggested the strike was carried out by Saudi Arabia.

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Several oil tankers have been attacked in the Middle East over the past six months, as tensions between the US and Iran escalated over Tehran’s nuclear programs. In every case, it has remained uncertain who was responsible.

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