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Sheriff: Deputy’s Fatal Shooting of Man Was Accidental


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Law requirement authorities state a sheriff’s appointee inadvertently shot and murdered a man who was being pursued on doubt of attempting to take chicken and eggs from a comfort store.

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CLINTON, LA. (AP) — A sheriff said Friday that a delegate inadvertently shot and killed a man who was being pursued on doubt of attempting to take chicken and eggs from an accommodation store.

News outlets report that East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis declared in a question and answer session that the accessible proof shows the deadly shooting was coincidental.

Thirty-one year-old Christopher Whitfield was killed in the Monday shooting. The shooting happened when two appointees reacted to a call from an accommodation storekeeper who said a man had broken into the outside cooler and taken some nourishment.

Travis said the representative discharged an admonition shot into the ground while pursuing Whitfield. Travis said the representative’s weapon released again when Whitfield struck the gun as the two men battled. Travis said the representative was endeavoring to holster the weapon when the shooting happened.

The shot struck Whitfield in the lower back.

Representative Glenn Sims Sr. is on leave pending the interior examination that Travis said is being directed with state help. Neighborhood investigators will decide if Sims will deal with criminal indictments.

The sheriff said he has addressed Whitfield’s mom and family.

“I need to send my most profound sympathies to her and the majority of the family. I am appealing to God for her and her family consistently and I request that everybody do likewise,” Travis said during a question and answer session.

Many demonstrators conveying “Equity for Christopher” signs assembled outside the town hall. Some doubted law authorization’s form of occasions and why the delegate drew his gun by any stretch of the imagination. They said the examination ought to be dealt with by an outside organization.

Whitfield’s family told news outlets that Whitfield battled with emotional well-being issues and didn’t represent a risk to law requirement.

“You weren’t securing and serving. You were murdering,” his sister Phelicia Whitfield disclosed to The Advocate .

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“Regardless we need answers. . My sibling can’t represent himself. He’s not here.”

Travis said he has discovered that Sims has a past criminal record that wasn’t recently revealed to him.

The Advocate announced that Sims served probation for an illicit weapon release in 1992 and again in the mid 2000s for straightforward battery and opposing an official.

“The lead that we have revealed in the previous couple of days concerns me extraordinarily, and I vow to East Feliciana Parish that we will direct a full survey of these issues and make fitting move,” Travis said.