Simon Hopkinson’s cabbage, caraway and pepper soup with potato dumplings

Simon Hopkinson's cabbage, caraway and pepper soup with potato dumplings


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Serves 4

For the dumplings

potatoes 400g (desiree are acceptable here), stripped

spread 40g

egg 1 huge

self-raising flour 50g

preparing powder ½ tsp

ocean salt 1 tsp

spread 25g

olive oil a little glug

leek 1, cut, all around washed and daintily cut

onion 1 huge, stripped and finely hacked

carrot 1 huge, stripped and ground

garlic 4 huge cloves, stripped and finely hacked

stock 1.25 liters

caraway seeds 1 tsp

crisply ground dark pepper 2 tsp, not very finely ground


cabbage 300g (ideally hispi), destroyed, at that point coarsely cleaved

cleaved parsley 1 piled tbsp

For the dumplings, put the potatoes into a steamer and cook until delicate. Permit them to dry out for a couple of moments, while still hot, go through a potato ricer (best) or a vegetable factory (mouli-légumes) into a bowl, yet do whatever it takes not to over-work them. Presently, completely beat in the rest of the fixings and leave to cool and solidify in the cooler.

For the soup, heat the margarine and olive oil in another enormous skillet, include the leek, onion, carrot and garlic and fry tenderly until mollified yet not hued. Include the stock, caraway, pepper and salt to taste. Raise to a stew and cook for 20 minutes. In the mean time, bring a huge dish of salted water to a delicate bubble for the dumplings.

Add the cabbage to the soup and keep on stewing until it is delicate. To cook the dumplings, gather up little bundles of potato blend with an oiled teaspoon and drop into the bubbling water; 5 for every individual is about right. They will grow marginally, coast up to the surface and be prepared in 4-5 minutes.

To collect, mix the parsley into the stewing soup, tap into four hot soup bowls and include the dumplings. Serve straightforwardly.

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