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Sixth anniversary of APS tragedy being observed today

Sixth anniversary of APS

PESHAWAR: As the nation will notice the 6th commemoration of the frightful fear assault on the Army Public School (APS) today, guardians of the martyred understudies have encouraged individuals to assume a part in making the nation serene and solid.

Various occasions have been intended to be held in Peshawar and different pieces of the nation to pay accolades for the martyred and harmed understudies, educators and other staff individuals.

Upwards of 147 individuals, including 132 schoolchildren, were martyred and various others were injured when six fear mongers broke into the APS on December 16, 2014 and went on a shooting binge. They aimlessly executed and injured youthful understudies in study halls, hallways and the assembly room.

The assault shook the whole nation as well as it was denounced by individuals and nations across the world. A 20-point National Action Plan was dispatched the nation over a month after the APS assault to handle aggressiveness and psychological warfare and reestablish harmony in the nation.

“We got this nation due to the penances of the saints. Today it is solid and quiet with the blood of saints including the APS casualties and a great many other people who relinquished their lives for harmony,” Tufail Khattak, father of the martyred understudy Sher Shah Shaheed, disclosed to The News.

“At whatever point I see the rushing about once more, I feel glad that the security circumstance has improved a ton as a result of the penances of our kids. Everybody in the public authority, resistance, offices, powers and regular people should assume their part to make Pakistan more grounded,” he kept up.

Sher Shah, an evaluation 10 understudy was available in the theater alongside his sibling, Ahmad Shah of evaluation 8 when the fear mongers assaulted the corridor. Sher Shah ran towards his more youthful sibling in the midst of the unpredictable terminating to save him.

“Sher Shah relinquished his life to secure his more youthful sibling. The whole country, especially the youthful age should draw motivation from the penance of Sher Shah,” said Tufail Khattak, who feels glad to be the dad of a martyred understudy.

Tufail Khattak and numerous different guardians have dispatched grants and taken different activities for helpless understudies in the memory of the fallen legends. The Sher Shah Welfare Trust granted grant to 50 understudies during the current year so they can proceed with their investigations.

Tufail Khattak’s more youthful child Ahmad Shah additionally continued wounds and stayed in stun for long in the wake of reviewing the scenes he had seen in the amphitheater on that game changing day.

Tufail Khattak and his family every now and again visit the school named after Sher Shah Shaheed in their town in Nowshera area to make mindfulness among the individuals about the significance of training and harmony.

Security across the common capital has been moved up to keep away from any untoward occurrence on the event of the commemoration of the December 16, 2014 fear based oppressor assault on the APS.

A few guardians of the martyred kids are as yet commending the birthday celebrations of their martyred children. The moms of numerous kids have kept the school sacks and all the things of their killed children to keep their recollections alive. They consistently visit the graves of their martyred kids.

The guardians and companions of the killed understudies said they can’t fail to remember their saintly faces. Various schools in Peshawar and somewhere else in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the nation have been named after the APS saints.

In September, the Supreme Court of Pakistan requested that the APS legal commission report be disclosed. The report was accumulated after very nearly 20 months by a commission headed by Justice Mohammad Ibrahim of the Peshawar High Court. The report was submitted to the zenith court on July 9.

The more than 500-page report gives a knowledge into the security slips and different issues that prompted the horrendous assault and the passing of an enormous number of youngsters and others.