Solaris and Poznań University of Technology work on advanced driver assistance system intended for electric buses

Solaris and Poznań University


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In participation with Poznań University of Technology, Solaris is building up a propelled driver help framework for city transports, for the most part electric ones.

Conceived together by designers of Solaris and of the Poznań University of Technology, the framework will encourage the exhibition of straightforward and complex moves, for example, driving forward and in reverse or leaving, however it will likewise establish an important help when completing exact developments, for example, docking the pantograph to the charging station—which may demonstrate testing on account of enunciated vehicles.

The objective of the undertaking is to improve the wellbeing of travelers and drivers of transports in city traffic. Additionally, it will assist administrators with moves on transport station premises. The new framework will likewise guarantee ideal vitality utilization by the vehicles.

In the previous barely any weeks, the creators of the undertaking—named ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)— performed tests before the Municipal Stadium in Poznań. The tests permitted to streamline the driver help framework utilized in the Solaris transport. For look into purposes, the Solaris R&D Department structured and introduced a portable pantograph energizing pole set on the square before the arena. The firm likewise provided a transport including the framework structured and provided by the Poznań University of Technology.

Utilizing the framework, the transport is fit for perceiving a charging pole, and therefore, it will have the option to accurately show the driver where to dock the pantograph under the charging station.

With the product which the consortium is building up, the vehicle will simultaneously self-find and make a guide of the environment, so as to recognize other street clients on that guide. The framework depends on a neural system which empowers the framework to perceive indicated questions in different climate conditions.

Solaris and Poznań University of Technology work on advanced driver assistance system intended for electric buses

Information transmitted from the ADAS sensors will be broke down in order to best utilize and tweak the activity of the product. The tests will likewise permit to check the activity of calculations during the docking of vehicles under a station and to advance their qualities.

The tried framework is at last proposed for electric vehicles. The task “Propelled driver help framework for exact moves of non-verbalized and explained city transports” (venture abbreviation ADAS) is sponsored under Measure 4.2: “Sectoral R+D programs” of the Operational Program Smart Growth 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund