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Statement of assets, liabilities: Some members of Punjab, Balochistan PAs own offshore properties

Statement of assets, liabilities


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ISLAMABAD: Like in the Senate and the National Assembly, a few individuals from the Punjab and Balochistan congregations additionally claimed seaward properties while others run organizations other than possessing rural grounds.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar claims upwards of 10 enduring properties worth Rs 3.5 crore and furthermore has a 14-kanal cottage in Taunsa Sharif, four kanals in DG Khan. His companion possesses three parcels, though Usman Buzdar claims horticultural land in Multan and DG Khan. He claims three farm haulers and two vehicles while Usman Buzdar has Rs 77 lakhs in his financial balance.

The connected data of his and different individuals from the Punjab Assembly is referenced in the assertion of resources and liabilities of the commonplace administrators, typified in a book, delivered by the Election Commission of Pakistan on Wednesday.

Speaker Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervez Elahi claims three properties worth Rs69.4 million. Pervez Elahi likewise has shares in three properties. Pervez Elahi claims a house each in Lahore and Islamabad, and offers in the Zahoor Palace Gujarat. He has Rs99 lakh capital in a flourmill and Rs1.35 crore uncollateralized debt. Pervez Elahi has Rs12.7 million in his financial balance while his better half has resources worth Rs93.1 million in her name, including adornments worth Rs2.1 million.

The resources of Hamza Shahbaz, who is the head of the resistance in the Punjab Assembly, are worth Rs41.47 crores. Hamza Shahbaz possesses Rs three crore of horticultural land given by his sibling Suleman Shahbaz. Hamza Shahbaz has put Rs13 crore in the nation. Hamza Shahbaz has Rs1 crore in his financial balance.

Common Minister Aleem Khan and his significant other have properties worth Rs159.2 million. Aleem Khan’s little girl and spouse have resources worth Rs 78 lakh in England and the UAE. Aleem Khan, spouse and little girl have stock portions of Rs117.7 million while Aleem Khan has taken unstable advance of Rs1.21 billion.

He additionally claims three extravagance vehicles worth Rs32.1 million notwithstanding 65 tola gold. He has Rs1 crore money and Rs139.1 million in his financial balance. Punjab Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan possesses two properties worth Rs 85 lakhs while he and his life partner have Rs79 lakh in their ledger.

Common Minister Raja Basharat claims more than Rs29.3 million resources, while Provincial Minister Raja Rashid Hafeez possesses more than Rs 111 million resources. The records express that PTI’s Ejaz Khan has all out resources of just Rs274,000, neither vehicle nor gems while he maintains no business at home or abroad. Ahmad Khan Bachar claims resources of more than Rs50 million, Mian Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman possesses more than Rs130 million and Rana Mashhood claims more than Rs50 million resources.

The records express that the most unfortunate individual from the Punjab Assembly is Sajida Yousuf, who has in her financial balance just Rs217. She has no vehicle, no adornments and no property at home or abroad. Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas claims just resources worth Rs2.4 million, has no business at home or abroad and has no close to home vehicle nor gold gems. Common Minister Ammar Yasir claims more than Rs20 million resources, Yasir Humayun possesses more than Rs60 million resources, Sardar Owais Leghari possesses more than Rs110 million resources and Yasmeen Rashid possesses more than Rs23.9 million resources.

As per the subtleties of resources and liabilities of the individuals from the Balochistan Assembly, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal has 33 properties worth Rs72 crores and Rs84 lakh in the nation, while he acquired property worth Rs5 crore abroad. He has a speculation worth Rs19.4 million in Pakistan and claims an armada of 15 vehicles worth Rs48.1 million.

Balochistan Assembly part Jan Muhammad Jamali claims Rs12 million and 40 sections of land of horticultural land. He possesses 60 tola of gold and a vehicle worth Rs2.5 million, while he has more than Rs1.74 million in real money and more than Rs26,000 is in his ledger.

Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind claims 14,000 sections of land of rural land. His private plot in Dera Murad Jamali is worth Rs3 million, a house in Quetta is worth Rs20 million and a house in Islamabad is worth Rs 35 million. The two lofts in Dubai are esteemed at Rs36 million while the manors in Dubai cost Rs42 million. He additionally possesses 646 tola of gold and four vehicles worth Rs28.8 million, furniture worth Rs85 lakhs. Sardar Yar Mohammad has more than Rs25 crore worth of rural products and Rs2 million worth of weapons.

Part Balochistan Assembly Nawab Aslam Raisani possesses resources worth over Rs21 billion. His rural land is of Rs19 crore, private plot is more than Rs1 billion 79 crore 67 lakh. He possesses more than Rs3.75 billion worth of vehicles. He has more than Rs51.38 crore in his record while he likewise has creatures worth Rs23 crore. He has resources worth more than Rs1.73 billion in Malta.