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Steven Clark: Missing man’s voice and walk shown on film

Steven Clark: Missing man's

Film of a man missing for almost thirty years has been delivered by police researching his vanishing.

Steven Clark, 23, was most recently seen close to his home in Marske, close to Redcar on 28 December, 1992.

His part in a handicap noble cause preparing video was first appeared in TV advances a year later.

Det Ch Insp Shaun Page said it was being circulated again in the expectation hearing how Mr Clark talked and perceiving how he strolled may refresh somebody’s memory.

“Steven had a particular stroll because of a youth street mishap and the recording shows his walk, and you likewise hear his voice when he is sat at a PC and talking,” he said.

“The reaction from the public so far has been incredible, however I would encourage others to approach.”

The film was made by the Rathbone Society, which supports individuals with incapacities.

Steven Clark outside the Rathbone Society Centre

Mr Clark went to its middle in Redcar on the grounds that his mishap had left him with a harmed arm and leg and an articulated limp.

  • Steven Clark outside the Rathbone Society Center
  • Investigators initially trusted Mr Clark was most recently seen going into latrines close to Saltburn Pier.

Be that as it may, in September this year, Cleveland Police said he had been located later the very day close to his home.

His body has not been found however police are regarding his vanishing as murder following a virus case survey.

Steven Clark utilizing a PC

Steven Clark using a computer

Mr Clark’s folks, Doris and Charles, were captured on doubt of his homicide in September and have been delivered under scrutiny.

Cleveland Police has not named them yet Mr and Mrs Clark affirmed their capture.

Mrs Clark, of Marske, said the couple denied killing their child and portrayed the circumstance as “totally absurd”.