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Strangers swap cemeteries to remember loved ones

Strangers swap cemeteries

Jason Bassett is arranging an excursion this end of the week to tend a grave in Moffat burial ground.


  • It is for a lady he had not known about until a couple of days back.

Simultaneously, Christine Hastie from Solihull has been investing energy at a dedication to Mr Bassett’s dad – a man she never met.


It is all the aftereffect of an allure made on Facebook in the desire for help because of the unavoidable challenges brought about by Covid limitations.

It began when Mr Bassett – a burial service chief in Dumfries – understood his family was probably not going to have the option to make the excursion to his father John’s remains dedication plot at Robin Hood Cemetery in Solihull this year.

Christine Hastie

“I moved away from Birmingham when I was 13 however my father actually remained in Birmingham,” he clarified.

“We generally made the outing to see my father at Christmas and, when he died, we just kept doing it yet putting a holly wreath at his dedication in the burial ground.

“Clearly this year we can’t go down and I had recently acknowledged, well I won’t go down.”

Moffat cemetery

Notwithstanding, he chose to post on a neighborhood Facebook bunch in Solihull to check whether any other individual may be happy to support him.


  • “I was simply immersed with individuals with messages,” he said.
  • “I don’t have the foggiest idea the number of individuals have been in contact from that point forward to orchestrate things.”

One lady consented to lay a wreath and afterward Ms Hastie got in contact to state she had a bind a lot of like his own.

“A woman informed me to state she was in a comparative circumstance yet her mum was in Scotland,” he said.

“I figured, I will ask where in Scotland since Scotland is huge and I was unable to trust it when she said Moffat.

“It is just a 40-minute vehicle venture for myself so I offered to do likewise for her.”

John Bassett memorial

Mr Bassett’s dad passed on seven years back and he said it would mean a ton to his family for somebody to visit his remembrance.

“I think when somebody dies that is it so I don’t get much from visiting individuals’ graves – it is principally for my siblings and sisters,” he said.

“I realize it would mean significantly more to them – yet that doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Ms Hastie’s mom, Catherine Rowley, passed on two years back and her birthday was on Christmas Day so she jumps at the chance to attempt to visit over the happy season.

  • Moffat burial ground
  • At the point when she saw Mr Bassett’s post on Facebook it hit home.

“I saw how he felt on the grounds that my mum is covered in Moffat graveyard and I get vexed on the grounds that I feel she is somewhat ignored in light of the fact that we can’t proceed to visit effectively,” she said.

Christine Hastie

“Jason offered to proceed to visit and clean up the grave for me and I am responding for his father.

“Jason had a significant decent reaction, we are a serious pleasant network. It was pleasant that endless individuals minded. “

John Bassett remembrance

Ms Hastie said her mom was brought into the world in Hamilton however cherished Moffat so much she needed to go “home” when she kicked the bucket.

“I attempted to disclose it to Jason, I really feel a touch of alleviation that someone will simply tend her grave so she isn’t the only one,” she said.

“I realize that sounds truly odd however it is ideal to have guests at a grave. Someone is recollecting that you.”

Mr Bassett now trusts their story may urge others to offer to visit graves that families can’t get to this year.

“This Christmas will be unique, however it doesn’t need to be any less uncommon,” he said.