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Sussanne Khan issues a statement after news of her arrest circulates

Sussanne Khan issues a statement

Bollywood star Sussanne Khan has subdued cases of her being arrested on Tuesday, alongside Indian cricketer Suresh Raina following an assault at a Mumbai dance club.

The cops had attacked the Dragonfly Experience club close to the Mumbai International Airport after COVID-19 rules were getting penetrated by the staff and the participants.

Upwards of 13 ladies and seven staff members of the club were captured, said the police, per Hindustan Times.

While the ladies were served sees, the men were kept and given bail later on.

Following the attack, Mumbai Police tweeted: “Gathering (Nahin) Chalegi Till Six In The Morning! An assault was directed at a club in Andheri at around 3 am, for mocking COVID anticipation standards. Activity has been started against 34 individuals, out of which 19 were from Delhi and Punjab, including a few big names .

Hrithik Roshan’s ex invalidated cases of her capture and said that while she was available at the club, she had not been confined: “A modest explanation: Last night I was at a dear companion’s birthday supper and a couple of us reached out to the Dragon Fly Club at JW Marriott, Sahar.”

“At 2.30 am the specialists entered the club. While the club the executives and specialists were figuring things out, all the visitors present were approached to sit tight for a time of three hours. We were at long last permitted to leave at 6 am. In this manner, the theories by parts of the media that there were captures made are totally off base and furthermore untrustworthy,” she added.