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Taliban raids kill more than a dozen Afghan government forces

Taliban raids kill more than a dozen


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Assaults on checkpoint and armed force station come as the different sides inch towards harmony exchanges.

Taliban contenders have killed at any rate 18 Afghan security work force in two assaults on checkpoints in the north, authorities said on Wednesday, the most recent savagery ahead of time of expected harmony talks.

In one predawn assault, contenders executed 12 Afghan security power individuals when they raged a checkpoint in Jowzjan region, Maroof Azar, a representative to the senator, was cited as saying by the AFP news office.


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He said four security staff were caught, while five Taliban warriors were murdered in the battling.

The resistance service affirmed the assault and said six of its troopers were among the dead. Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban representative, gave a higher cost.

Independently, Taliban contenders were accused for an assault on a military station in Kunduz.

Six officers were killed in quarreling that kept going over five hours, said Aminullah Iddin, an individual from the commonplace chamber.

Armed force representative Hadi Jamal affirmed the assault, saying four Taliban contenders were additionally executed.

The Taliban has not remarked on that attack.

The Afghan government has said that as of late, somewhere in the range of 422 Afghan soldiers have been executed or injured the nation over in excess of 220 Taliban assaults.

The Taliban says it is focused on an understanding it marked with the United States in February. The arrangement accommodates the withdrawal of every global troop staying in the nation and is expected to make ready for harmony talks between the Taliban and the US-upheld government in Kabul.

The most recent slaughter comes as the furnished gathering and the administration inch nearer towards potential harmony arrangements. The much-postponed talks planned for closure the contention are relied upon to start in the Qatari capital, Doha, when the different sides total a continuous detainee trade, which has quickened following a brief truce a month ago.

Authorities guarantee the Taliban has ventured up assaults as of late, in spite of the fact that there has been a general drop in viciousness the nation over since the truce finished.