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Texas ice cream licker jailed for social media joke

Texas ice cream licker jailed for social

A man in Texas who shot himself licking frozen yogurt and returning it in the cooler of a Walmart general store has been imprisoned for 30 days.

The video of D’Adrien Anderson, 24, was shared via web-based networking media last August.

Reconnaissance cameras in the shop indicated he later removed the dessert once again from the cooler and got it.

He was additionally allowed a six-month suspended sentence, 100 hours of unpaid work, a $1,000 (£770) fine, and was requested to pay $1,565 to the frozen yogurt organization.

The frozen yogurt licking occurred on 26 August in Port Arthur, around 90 miles (145km) east of Houston.

Anderson and his dad later came back to the shop to show officials a receipt as verification that he had purchased the spoiled dessert, US supporter ABC detailed.

Regardless of this, the dessert producer Blue Bell Creameries supplanted the entirety of the frozen yogurt in the cooler as an insurance, which cost them $1,565.

  • Anderson confessed not long ago to offense criminal naughtiness.
  • Shock over another Texas frozen yogurt licker

In an announcement discharged at the hour of his capture, Walmart stated: “If nourishment is messed with, or a client needs to leave the feeling that they deserted tainted item, we will move rapidly with law implementation to recognize, secure and arraign the individuals who think this is a joke – it isn’t.”

Police photo of D'Adrien Anderson

Anderson’s frozen yogurt stunt came a month after a fundamentally the same as video, wherein a young lady licked a tub of dessert and set it back in the cooler at a Walmart in Lufkin, Texas.

All things considered the young lady, who was under 18 at that point, didn’t purchase the dessert a short time later. The video of her licking the dessert was seen more than 13m occasions.