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Thai Airways: Holy flights, dough fritters and home-made bags

Thai Airways: Holy flights, dough


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Thai Airways is getting innovative as it hopes to raise money during the movement decline.

Not long from now it will dispatch unique flights that will fly more than 99 heavenly locales in Thailand, expanding on the “trips to no place” fever.

Thai Airways has just discovered new types of revenue including an aircraft themed bistro, mixture wastes and satchels produced using life vests.

In any case, the carrier has colossal obligations which have been mounting during the pandemic.

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  • Numerous aircrafts have dispatched trips to no place that take-off and land at a similar air terminal.

Australia’s Qantas offered “touring” trips over Antarctica while a carrier in Taiwan facilitated a trip to no-where on its Hello Kitty-themed plane.

Thai Airways’ new flight won’t land at any objections, yet will fly over Buddhist sanctuaries in 31 regions prior to getting back to Bangkok.

Travelers will be given a supplication book and unique dinner, with tickets running in cost from 5,999 Thai baht (£149) to 9,999 baht for the three-hour trip.

Thai Airways has turned old life vests and slide rafts into the "Re-Life Collection.

A month ago, Singapore Airlines offered cafes the occasion to eat on a fixed Airbus A380 stopped at the city’s primary air terminal.

In spite of a sticker price of up to US$496 (£380), the initial two dates sold out inside 30 minutes.

Purses and misuses

Thai Airways has been especially inventive during the Covid-19 drop in traveler numbers so as to support its incomes.

Another way it is hoping to raise additional money is by making purses out of extra life vests and slide pontoons.

Thai Airways’ “Re-Life Collection” of restricted release sacks and totes are so well known they are at present sold out.

Thai Airways has transformed previous lifestyle vests and slide pontoons into the “Re-Life Collection.

The aircraft business is confronting its most exceedingly terrible ever emergency with a huge number of employment misfortunes and numerous transporters effectively bankrupt.

Thai Airways had just been battling before the emergency and developed 245bn Thai baht (£8.3bn) worth of obligations and liabilities.

Thailand’s public transporter has additionally begun selling mixture squanders at various sources around the city of Bangkok.

The bite is sold in a bunch of three pieces with a plunging sauce and an egg custard for 50 Thai baht (£1.25).

The batter misuses achieve in 10m baht in month to month deals and Thai Airways currently has plans to establishment the business.