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The Scottish roots of Johnny Cash

The Scottish roots of Johnny

There are numerous spots of journey for devotees of unbelievable performer Johnny Cash, among them Arkansas, where he was conceived, Nashville, Tennessee, the home of down home music – and Fife.

In truth, the east shore of Scotland isn’t yet a hotspot for devotees of the Man dressed in Black however a few people figure it ought to be.

A little celebration in Aberdour is presently paying tribute to Cash’s inheritance and his Scottish connections.

Money himself asserted his progenitors were from the Kingdom of Fife and was pleased with his Scottish roots, regardless of whether they had crossed the Atlantic route, thinking back to the seventeenth Century.

The all-American performer started his vocation during the 1950s, recording close by Elvis Presley at the acclaimed Sun Studios in Memphis.

He pushed the limits among ban and magnificent until he kicked the bucket in 2003, at 71 years old, after a late profession thrive in which he had accomplishment with a progression of acoustic collections.

In any case, it was an opportunity meeting in the late 1970s that drove the star to follow his down Scottish roots.

Johnny Cash (right) with Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley at Sun Studios in 1956

He ended up sitting alongside Major Michael Crichton-Stuart, genetic attendant of Falkland Palace in Fife, on a departure from the US.

Money referenced that he had heard that his family started in Scotland and Mayor Crichton-Stuart affirmed that the family name was still to be found in the ranches and boulevards of the Kingdom.

Money’s little girl Roseanne told a narrative in 2010: “My dad was so taken by this he had our family line done back to the eleventh century.”

Biographer Stephen Millar told a similar program it showed up Cash was plunged from a man called William Cash who lived in Strathmiglo in the late seventeenth Century.

The artist’s little girl Roseanne further cases that the Cash family is dropped from Ada, the sister of King Malcolm IV (1153-1165).

She says: “At whatever point my father went into the clinic in his last long periods of life, he constantly took a look at himself in under the name of Malcolm. He savored that association with sovereignty, anyway far off before.”

During the 1980s, Cash made a trip to Fife at any rate multiple times – most prominently in 1981 when he recorded a Christmas extraordinary for US TV with individual artist Andy Williams.

When Leith-conceived artist lyricist Dean Owens heard the story he figured something ought to be done to observe Cash’s Fife roots.

“Being Scottish we like to guarantee individuals for our own,” he says. “Discovering Johnny Cash is Scottish, I got very amped up for that.”

Mr Owens said the Cashback celebration at the Woodside Hotel in Aberdour was not a “crude” tribute celebration yet rather a festival of Cash’s heritage.

Rebus creator Ian Rankin will be one of those participating, giving a discussion on Saturday evening.

Johnny Cash performing in 1976

John McTaggart, who possesses the Woodside Hotel, where the celebration happens, says more individuals should think about the association.

  • He says everybody realizes that Prestwick Airport was the main spot in the UK where Elvis Presley at any point set foot.
  • Furthermore, Kirriemuir has a statue to pay tribute to AC/DC’s Bon Scott, who lived there until he moved to Australia when he was six.
  • “Individuals love that melodic legacy,” he says. “So there ought to be a landmark.”
Dean Owens
  • Mr Owens says perhaps a statue isn’t the correct dedication.