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The Undertaker, Shahid Afridi trend on Twitter as news of Dawood Ibrahim dying of coronavirus surfaces

dying of coronavirus surfaces


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The updates on Dawood Ibrahim biting the dust due to coronavirus turned into all the rage on Friday. His sibling, however, rubbished the bits of gossip.

The updates on Dawood Ibrahim testing positive for coronavirus – and purportedly passing on because of the savage infection – stood out as truly newsworthy on Friday. Different reports had proposed that the criminal tried positive for COVID-19 alongside his better half and that they are conceded at the Army Hospital in Karachi.

In under 24 hours after the reports developed, Anees Ibrahim, Dawood’s sibling, rubbished the cases. “Bhai (Dawood) is fine and Shakeel is additionally fine. Nobody has tried positive for coronavirus. Nobody from our family is conceded in medical clinic,” Anees told IANS.

The gossip of Dawood experiencing COVID-19 turned into all the rage via web-based networking media as the clients drew correlations between Dawood, WWE whiz, The Undertaker, and previous Pakistan chief, Shahid Afridi. Confounded? Here’s the reason –

The updates on Dawood dying has stood out as truly newsworthy on various events and the most recent ‘gossip’ didn’t shock numerous as the criminal’s nearby helpers have consistently approached to deny the news.

The main individual on the earth to make a rebound in the wake of kicking the bucket is The Undertaker (character Undertaker). The WWE legend has kicked the bucket on a couple of events (as a feature of the storyline) just to make a rebound at some occasion. Thus, online networking clients drew an association between them.

The last time Undertaker was in the ring, he covered AJ Styles on day 1 of Wrestlemania 36. Obviously, Styles came back to activity a month later and is currently set to finish for Intercontinental Champion against Daniel Bryan.

Correlations with Afridi

Coming to Afridi, the Pakistan legend had a propensity for making rebounds in the wake of stopping the game. While the specific numbers aren’t known, Afridi resigned from universal cricket on multiple events. Like him, the updates on Dawood causing rebounds to have additionally risen consistently.

Afridi at last quit global cricket in 2017 and hasn’t played for Pakistan from that point forward. In spite of the fact that he keeps on playing T20 associations around the globe. A year after he quit universal cricket, Afridi carried out his specialty in a T20I game between World XI and West Indies. The match was granted universal status by ICC.