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Too early to celebrate news on corona vaccine: Dr Atta

Too early to celebrate news


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ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Science and Technology Dr Attaur Rehman on Tuesday commented that the Pfizer antibody, being commended around the world, isn’t appropriate for Pakistan.

“This antibody isn’t appropriate for Pakistan as I would see it,” the previous top of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) disclosed to Geo Pakistan, and cautioned that it was “too soon to observe” Regarding the Pfizer immunization.

“We ought not ponder this antibody, rather center around different immunizations that are being created and have seen comparative outcomes yet haven’t been declared with show. They are working unobtrusively,” said Dr Attaur Rehman.

Clarifying his thinking, the researcher said he was wary on the grounds that he accepts that the antibody has “five issues” to manage at the present time.

“The primary issue is that the FDA has not given the endorsement, the administrative bodies need to affirm and will take two months,” said Dr Attaur Rehman. He added that the administrative bodies should see the outcomes first at that point permit the organization to proceed onward to the following phase of the antibody finish measure.

He said the other issue that the researcher featured was that the immunization should be kept at a temperature of – 80 °C, which in his view, was a significant issue for underdeveloped nations, including Pakistan.

The previous HEC administrator said that the underdeveloped nations, including Pakistan, don’t have the “chilly chain” that will permit them to move the antibody in – 80°C temperatures from the purpose of source to the medical clinics. He added that giving two portions of the antibody additionally make it hard to depend on the immunization.

“The third most concerning issue is that you don’t have a clue how long it is powerful,” said Dr Attaur Rehman. He clarified that correct now there was no “proof, or any outcome” that has been seen by Pfizer and BioNTech to decide its viability.

“Initially it is powerful however (you don’t have the foggiest idea) for how long the antibodies stay in your body,” said Dr Attaur Rehman.

The other two issues shared by Dr Attaur Rehman was of huge scope creation which he feels would take a year to arrive at subject to the antibody passing all the means required. The last issue he shared was of the cost of the antibody. Dr Attaur Rehman revealed to Geo Pakistan that 11 different immunizations, aside from the Pfizer one, are in stage 3 clinical preliminaries.

The researcher clarified that Pakistan which is managing preliminaries of two Chinese immunizations were additionally demonstrating positive outcomes.

“One Chinese immunization, by Sinopharm, is additionally in stage 3 clinical preliminaries and has seen great outcomes in numerous nations yet they have not featured it like Pfizer and are working discreetly,” said Dr Attaur Rehman. He added that the preliminary of the immunization is being regulated in Karachi University’s International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences and Indus Hospital.

The Task Force administrator additionally said that the organization has likewise dedicated to giving the immunization to Pakistan at “sensible rates”. He likewise shared that another Chinese antibody’s stage 3 clinical preliminary is being managed at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Dr Attaur Rehman likewise clarified that Chinese antibodies can likewise be moved in ordinary temperatures and don’t need to be kept at – 80°C degrees which he accepts improves it “appropriate for Pakistan and underdeveloped nations” “There are 12 companys who’s immunization are in stage 3 of clinical preliminary and Pfizer was one of them. What’s more, Chinese organizations are ahead,” said Dr Attaur Rehman.

Enormous scope preliminaries of a Covid immunization applicant created by Pfizer/BioNTech has uncovered that it is 90% compelling, said the producer in an assertion on Monday.