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Trump Twitter ‘hack’: Dutch police question researcher

Trump Twitter ‘hack’: Dutch


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Dutch police have scrutinized a security scientist who said he effectively signed into the US president’s Twitter account by speculating his secret phrase.

A month ago, notable digital examiner Victor Gevers said he had accessed Donald Trump’s Twitter account with the secret phrase ‘MAGA2020!’.

  • The White House denied it had occurred and Twitter said it had no proof of a hack.
  • In any case, Mr Gevers has now uncovered more data to back up his cases.

As a component of the police cross examination, Mr Gevers uncovered unexpectedly that he had considerably more proof of the “hack” than he had recently delivered.

He didn’t uncover precisely what data he had, however by signing in to someone’s Twitter account somebody would in principle have the option to:

  • see and send private messages
  • see tweets that the client had secretly bookmarked
  • access data, for example, the number of individuals the record holder had impeded

They would even have the option to download a chronicle of all the client’s information, including photographs and messages.

A screen capture of Donald Trump’s Twitter account

A screenshot of Donald Trump's Twitter account

A representative for the Dutch Public Prosecution Service affirmed to De Volkskrant paper: “We are as of now exploring whether something criminal has occurred.”

The representative said their request was an “autonomous Dutch examination” and not founded on a US demand for legitimate help.

Victor Gevers

Police should initially demonstrate that the hack occurred. In the event that examiners consider Mr Gevers’ activities to be illicit and outside the domain of network protection research, he could look as long as four years in jail.

Mr Gevers told journalists of his hack on 22 October. Dutch media source Vrij Nederland originally detailed the story.

  • Donald Trump’s Twitter account has around 89 million devotees.

Mr Gevers says he was doing a semi-customary range of the Twitter records of prominent US political race competitors on 16 October when he speculated President Trump’s secret phrase.

He didn’t post any tweets or change any settings, however said he took screen captures of certain pieces of the president’s record.

He said he had gone through days attempting to contact the Trump lobby to caution them about their security, which was inadequate with regards to additional protections like two-factor confirmation, prior to heading off to the press.

Two-factor validation is a generally utilized security framework that interfaces a telephone application or number to a record, to add an additional progression to the way toward signing in.

  • The US president’s record is presently secure.
Victor Gevers


At that point, Twitter stated: “We’ve seen no proof to verify this case. We proactively executed record safety efforts for an assigned gathering of prominent, political decision related Twitter accounts in the United States, including administrative parts of government.”

Twitter wouldn’t respond to any further inquiries concerning the hack, including whether the additional safety efforts were for all time authorized or if the organization even approaches the president’s record action.

Mr Gevers’ story has been met with incredulity by some in the data security world as his screen captures might have been faked.

Notwithstanding, he professes to have much more information. He trusts he won’t need to uncover it to examiners however says he is set up to if essential.

He stated: “I have proof that was excluded from the dependable revelation to the Trump group since it didn’t add anything in cautioning the casualty of the danger.

“I have demonstrated some of it to a select gathering of writers. Police inquired as to whether I was eager to show it and I said no. Just if there means that bad behavior will the documented material be opened.”

Yet, Mr Gevers says he is remaining by his record of occasions and expectations that his activities are controlled to have been an ordinary aspect of his responsibilities as a moral programmer.

“There ought not be a purpose behind the Dutch National Police, particularly the group at the High Tech Crime Unit, to question my assertion. They know me, they know my work for over 22 years with the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure.

“I didn’t ‘hack’ Trump’s record, I didn’t sidestep any security framework as there was no sufficient security set up. I just speculated the secret phrase and afterward attempted to caution his group about the dangers and how to illuminate them.”

Prior this year, Mr Gevers additionally professed to have effectively signed into Mr Trump’s Twitter account in 2016.

In that login he and other security specialists utilized a secret phrase connected to another of Donald Trump’s informal community accounts that was found in a past information penetrate.

In that example Mr Gevers asserts the secret key was another popular expression from the unscripted television star and legislator: “yourefired”.