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Video shows high school coach disarming and hugging suicidal student


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Surveillance footage reveals emotional moment when Keanon Lowe encountered armed student at Portland, Oregon, school

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Sensational video has developed demonstrating a secondary school football trainer in Portland, Oregon, incapacitating a self-destructive understudy at that point embracing and encouraging the high schooler.

The video of the occurrence, acquired by the CBS offshoot KOIN 6 News, catches the minute when the Parkrose secondary school mentor Keanon Lowe experienced Angel Granados-Diaz.

While Lowe’s activities had been broadly revealed, the video gave visual documentation of how his speedy reasoning and empathy possibly avoided a catastrophe.

At around early afternoon on 17 May this year, Granados-Diaz strolled on to grounds, conveying a shotgun. He went into a homeroom with the goal of murdering himself, specialists stated, not to slaughter different understudies.

Lowe, when a star wide collector for the University of Oregon Ducks, said he was called to the expressive arts working to get an understudy, as per earlier media reports. The observation video uncovered that Lowe and Granados-Diaz nearly experienced each other in a passage, KOIN 6 News revealed.

“I stroll in there, I get to the homeroom, I’m in the study hall for 15, 20 seconds – you know, I ask the educator, ‘Is the understudy here?'” Lowe said. Indeed, Granados-Diaz was insignificant “steps away”.

“The entryway opens – I’m inside a manageable distance of the entryway, about 3ft away from the entryway, and there’s a child with a firearm, a shotgun. In a small amount of a second, I investigated everything truly quick.

“I saw the look in his face, look in his eyes, took a gander at the weapon, acknowledged it was a genuine firearm and afterward my senses just dominated,” Lowe likewise said. “I thrusted for the weapon, put two hands on the firearm. He had his two hands on the weapon and clearly the children are coming up short on the study hall and shouting.”

Lowe gave the gun to an educator and grasped Granados-Diaz, who was then 18.

“I simply held him and revealed to him that I was there to spare him,” Lowe said. “I felt sympathy for him; a great deal of times, particularly when you’re youthful, you don’t understand what you’re doing until it’s finished.”

On 10 October, Granados-Diaz confessed to two charges of having a stacked weapon in broad daylight. The weapon was obtained lawfully, Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) detailed.

Investigators and Granados-Diaz’s legal advisor demanded the episode was not a potential school shooting. The understudy made a self-destructive comment before the occurrence and was flushed after landing at Parkrose, his legal counselor asserted.

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“The proof he was at Parkrose secondary school to end it all is overpowering,” said safeguard lawyer Adam Thayne. “It is likewise overpowering that he was there to hurt himself and no one else.”

Granados-Diaz didn’t start shooting and just pointed the firearm at himself. Under his supplication understanding, he will be on post trial supervision for three years and experience psychological well-being and substance misuse treatment, OPB revealed.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea whether ‘legend’ is the correct word yet the universe works in baffling manners and I was intended to be in that homeroom and I was intended to stop a catastrophe,” Lowe reviewed.

Lowe, who is from the close by city of Gresham, was utilized as a hostile investigator for the San Francisco 49ers when he discovered that his closest companion had kicked the bucket from a medication overdose.

“That broke as long as I can remember. That made a huge difference,’ he stated, as indicated by “I stated, ‘I’m returning.'”

“Life ain’t about me, isn’t that so? Life is about how I can support other individuals. So I came to help Parkrose. I came to change lives.”