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Vienna shooting: The night my safe city lost its innocence

Vienna shooting: The night my safe


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As of late, Vienna has developed a standing as a sheltered city, a spot where numerous ladies feel great strolling alone late around evening time.

Austrian police men search a civilian patrol after a shooting near the "Stadttempel" synagogue in Vienna, Austria, 02 November 2020

For right around forty years it got away from the sort of huge scope assaults that have hit places, for example, Paris, London and Berlin.

Candle and flowers on doorstep of Salzamt restaurant

That changed on Monday night, when a 20-year-old shooter, portrayed by Austrian specialists as an “Islamist fear based oppressor”, killed four individuals and injured in excess of 20 others.

The scene outside Salzamt
  • Austrian police officers search a regular citizen watch after a shooting close the “Stadttempel” place of worship in Vienna, Austria, 02 November 2020
  • He focused on a region that during the day shows up tranquil and quiet.

Its tight archaic roads are home to Vienna’s most seasoned church, St Ruprecht’s, and to the city’s primary place of worship, the Stadttempl, the main Jewish place of love to endure the Nazi Kristallnacht slaughter in 1938.

Be that as it may, around evening time, when its numerous bars and clubs open, it changes into one of Vienna’s most well known gathering zones. “It’s known as the Bermuda Triangle since you can get lost for quite a long time here, drinking and moving,” a companion revealed to me when I initially showed up here.

Nine frightening minutes

In the chilly morning light, you could obviously observe the smears of blood on the means of the Salzamt eatery, in an old cobbled square, three minutes’ stroll from the place of worship.

A youthful German understudy, who functioned as a server at Salzamt, was one of the shooter’s four casualties. She learned at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts.

Ümit Vural (C), president of the IGGÖ Islamic religious community of Austria, lays down flowers for the victims at a makeshift memorial of candles and flowers at the scene of a terror attack in Vienna,
  • Light and blossoms on doorstep of Salzamt eatery
  • Somebody had put a light and a lot of yellow roses on the doorstep.

On one of its external tables stood an improved container of wine in an ice can and a few glasses of brew, some half-alcoholic, one scarcely contacted – the remainders of a night out cut severely off by a shooter with a programmed rifle.

  • The scene outside Salzamt
  • Behind me I could hear a lady sobbing harshly, hunched on the ground.
  • I shuddered. Focal Vienna is little. I go running past this zone on most days.

The shootings started at 20:00 on Monday. It was a warm night, and heaps of individuals were appreciating a last night out before a second Covid lockdown started in Austria.

For nine unnerving minutes, the shooter went through the roads close to the gathering place, discharging into bars and eateries, before the police shot him dead.

Guide demonstrating wrongdoing scene in Vienna

His different casualties were:

  • A 44-year-old Austrian lady who worked at a close by organization
  • An Austrian man of Chinese inception lethally shot before a drive-thru eatery

A 21-year-old Austrian man, who played for a neighborhood football club. He was a Muslim, initially from North Macedonia.

The specialists state the injured included individuals from Austria, a Swiss-German lady, a Bosnian, two Slovaks, and a lady from China, just as a man from Luxembourg, an Afghan and three Germans.

‘I was unable to trust it was going on’

Inside Minister Karl Nehammer said the shooter had been conceived in Vienna to guardians who likewise originated from North Macedonia.

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  • ‘Saints’ adulated for helping Vienna assault casualties
  • In pictures: Scene of weapon assault in Vienna
  • Individuals here are in an underground government of stun.
  • The temple was the objective of a dangerous Palestinian assailant assault in 1981. It has been vigorously watched from that point forward.

However, Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister said his first response when he heard the shooting on Monday night was that individuals were letting off firecrackers.

Maximilian, a youthful Viennese, was out with certain companions for a pizza. “It was probably the most frightening second in my life,” he let me know. “I was unable to trust it was going on in Vienna.”

A political column has broken out about whether the specialists might have accomplished more to forestall the assault.

The shooter had just carried out a jail punishment for attempting to go to Syria to join Islamic State jihadists, however he was delivered early due to his childhood.

Mr Nehammer said the assailant had figured out how to trick a deradicalisation association – a case the association has denied.

Notwithstanding, he conceded that knowledge administrations neglected to impart data from Slovakia, that the aggressor attempted to purchase ammo there. Furthermore, he charged his archetype from the extreme right Freedom Party of debilitating Austria’s primary BVT knowledge office.

Resistance groups state the legislature is attempting to move the fault.

Austria’s Islamic people group has unequivocally denounced the shooting, however there is profound worry that the assault will fuel hostile to Muslim conclusion in Austria.

Be that as it may, small time I addressed at the Bermuda Triangle disclosed to me it would take in excess of a solitary aggressor to break Vienna’s soul.

“Investigate there,” he let me know, highlighting where two ladies in hijabs were lighting a flame before the Salzamt café.

Ümit Vural (C), leader of the IGGÖ Islamic strict network of Austria, sets down blossoms for the casualties at a shoddy remembrance of candles and blossoms at the location of a fear assault in Vienna,

“The person was a washout,” he said. “We are more grounded. Who was it who helped salvage the cop who was shot close here?” he asked logically. “Three Muslims.”

The men, of Turkish and Palestinian starting point, have been accounted for about in the Austrian media.

Strict pioneers joined a dedication administration for the casualties at Vienna’s St Stephen’s Cathedral, and understudies accumulated at Morzinplatz, near where the shootings happened. They included individuals from Jewish and Muslim gatherings.

Numerous Viennese are relaxing because of insubordinate terrible language. A man was shot swearing at the shooter in thick Vienna lingo, advising him to get lost. His words – unrepeatable here – are currently doing the rounds via online media.

Another lady posted video of the ensemble in the Vienna show house during the shootings, playing a Haydn string group of four to the crowd, while they trusted that the police will permit them to leave.

Nothing could actually stop the music in Vienna, she said.