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Vienna shootings: Three men praised for helping emergency services

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Three men have been hailed for helping a cop and an older lady during Monday’s assault in Vienna.

Recep Gultekin was shot in the leg while supporting the lady with his companion, Mikail Özen.

They likewise conveyed a harmed cop to wellbeing after a Palestinian man, Osama Joda, gave him medical aid.

Five individuals, including an assailant, were slaughtered and another 22 injured as terminating broke out inverse a temple in the Austrian capital.

The man blamed for completing the assault was a 20-year-old “Islamist fear based oppressor” who was delivered right on time from prison in December, and shot dead by police during the episode.

Mr Joda, 23, was working at a close by McDonalds, and told nearby paper Kurier that he was conveying products into the eatery when the assailant started taking shots at passers-by.

Cops stroll at the site of wreath laying service e in Vienna, Austria November 3, 2020

At the point when two cops came to help, the assailant started shooting at them and one was struck by a shot.

“I hauled him behind the solid seat and attempted to stop the dying,” said Mr Joda. “There was blood all over the place.”

The culprit fled after more police showed up at the scene, and Mr Joda at that point assisted with hauling the official to a close by rescue vehicle. He was aided this by Mr Özen and Mr Gultekin, who are both of Turkish plummet.

  • Prior Mr Gultekin, 21, had conveyed the harmed lady to a café.
  • Mr Özen, a blended military craftsman and fitness coach, disclosed to Kurier that they at that point saw the cop seeping on the floor after gunfire ejected.

“We knew quickly what to do, there was no decision except for to help,” said the 25-year-old. “Austria is our home. We would help whenever.”

Police have not affirmed subtleties of the episode, however Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told neighborhood media that the official was taken to wellbeing by Austrians with a traveler foundation.

Caliphate vanquished however IS stays a threat”No psychological oppressor assault will prevail with regards to destroying or separating our general public,” he added.

Turkey’s diplomat to Austria, Ozan Ceyhun, likewise facilitated Mr Özen and Mr Gultekin at the Turkish international safe haven and commended their direct.

Security has been tight in Vienna as police dispatched a manhunt for additional aggressors, and 14 individuals have been captured after a progression of police assaults.

Police officers walk at the site of wreath laying ceremony e in Vienna, Austria November 3, 2020

Be that as it may, specialists accept the shooter slaughtered by police may have acted alone.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the four who kicked the bucket were an older lady, an old man, a youthful male bystander and a server.

It was obviously an assault driven by “contempt of our lifestyle, our vote based system”, the chancellor said.