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Wedding cancelled as groom’s father elopes with bride’s mother

Wedding cancelled


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A youthful couple from Gujarat, India, needed to cancel their marriage after the husband to be’s dad and the lady of the hour’s mom revived their youth sentiment and ran off.

The strange new development unfurled only weeks before the couple, from Surat city in Gujarat, were to get married in February. The man of the hour’s dad, 48, and lady’s mom, 46, are accounted for to be absent for 10 days now.

 Wedding cancelled as groom's father elopes with bride's mother

As per a report in The Times of India, the couple had got drawn in to one another for a year and had been planning for their wedding from that point forward. The updates on their folks eloping has left the couple and their families in a condition of stun.

It is accounted for that the two families were neighbors and the stole away pair knew each other since the time they were in school. “They knew each other since they lived in a similar society. A portion of their dear companions educated us after they stole away that they had a relationship in the past as well,” said one of the family members.

The lady’s significant other is a jewel craftsman, and the man of the hour’s dad with whom she ran off fills in as a material representative and arrangements in property.

 Wedding cancelled as groom's father elopes with bride's mother