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Woman dies in Australia Day lamington-eating contest

Woman dies in Australia


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A lady has kicked the bucket in Australia while partaking in a challenge to eat however many lamingtons as would be prudent.

The lady, matured 60, is accounted for to have had a seizure during the occasion at an inn in Hervey Bay, Queensland, to check Australia Day on Sunday.

Woman dies in Australia Day lamington-eating contest

Hopefuls had before been taped speed-eating the lamingtons, a conventional wipe cake canvassed in chocolate and dried up coconut.

She was given CPR at the scene and taken to clinic yet later kicked the bucket.

Witnesses said the lady had packed one of the cakes into her mouth when she seemed to get into troubles.

Film has developed indicating different supporters of the bar giving a shout out to the eaters, who have glasses of water beside them, before the mishap.

The Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay posted a message on Facebook communicating sympathies to the loved ones of the lady, who has not been named.

They expressed gratitude toward the rescue vehicle administration for their “brief and expert reaction while this deplorable episode was unfurling”.

Eating rivalries are a mainstream game during Australia Day, a national occasion denoting the appearance of the primary Europeans to Australia.

Candidates for the most part win prizes for eating the same number of cakes, pies, sausages or other nourishment in a restricted time.

 Woman dies in Australia Day lamington-eating contest