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WWE News: Charlotte Flair says she has the highest losing record out of anyone in WWE


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Charlotte Flair is one of the most undervalued whizzes in WWE today, the same number of fans accept she is reserved too firmly.

Be that as it may, when you investigate her success misfortune record from 2019, it recounts to a totally extraordinary story, and The Queen needs everybody to think about it.

As indicated by Cagematch, Flair wrestled in 139 matches in 2019, however she won just 35 of those matches, losing 100 matches, and drawing four matches.

A great deal of these misfortunes came during house appears, as the 10-time ladies’ victor had a 19-20-1 in matches on TV and pay-per-see.

Addressing Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda, Flair cut an enthusiastic promotion about how she accepts there is a disgrace behind her booking.

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She stated: “alright, would you say you are prepared for a promotion? Here is my selective promotion. On the off chance that you take a gander at my details, I have the most elevated losing record out of anybody on the list. I think an inconvenience to me, which is likewise a positive, is that I am steady. I am steady. I am rarely harmed and I am constantly here.

“It’s practically similar to, yes that is amazing, and yet I’ve never had the open door for the fans to miss me since I’m constantly here. That is the thing that individuals overlook.

“Indeed, I won a match this week and they’re similar to, ‘Gracious she wins [all the time].’ But that is not been the situation. As a matter of fact, I’ve lost a larger number of matches than any female booked at present. It’s insane.

“I think with the disgrace of the [Flair] name continually being in the title picture… yet like I stated, I’m steady and an obsessive worker. It is ideal however it’s a terrible thing.”

So far in 2020, Flair has wrestled in six matches, winning four of them and losing the other two. She has a 2-0 record in matches on TV.

The Queen has a 55.7% winning record out of 853 recorded matches all through her vocation, yet it would seem that she is beginning the new year solid.

The 10-time ladies’ hero was the primary whiz to announce for the ladies’ Royal Rumble, so maybe 2020 could be an increasingly positive year for her with regards to her success misfortune record.

WWE News: Charlotte Flair says she has the highest losing record out of anyone in WWE