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WWE News: John Morrison botches Starship Pain in his first WWE match in nearly nine years

WWE News: John Morrison botches


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As of late, Friday evenings have felt somewhat like 2011 once more as SmackDown has gone on somewhat of a sentimentality trip.

To begin with, Sheamus showed up consequently vignettes donning his unique hair style from his 2009 introduction, relinquishing his mohawk that he brandished for about five years.

John Morrison celebrates his victory on SmackDown

At that point at Tables, Ladders and Chairs a month ago, Daniel Bryan returned from two or three weeks off with a buzz trim, cleaving off the long bolts that made him a bonafide star.

Furthermore, in the primary scene of SmackDown in 2020, John Morrison made a serene return after about nine years from WWE, showing up behind the stage in The Miz’s storage space after he had snapped on Kofi Kingston.

Morrison built up himself as a heel a week ago, and affirmed his collusion with The Miz had been recharged during a scene of Miz TV, and it rolled out a major improvement from a returnee returning by means of the Royal Rumble.

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We didn’t need to stand by long to see Morrison back in real life, as he was allowed a chance to swagger his stuff against one portion of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions this week – Big E.

Morrison was his standard athletic, high-flying self, and he pulled out all the old moves he used to do in his last days of his first stretch with WWE – we even got the moderate movement entrance!

John Morrison battled with Big E on SmackDown this week

John Morrison combat with Big E on SmackDown this week

Yet, in evident heel design, Morrison was helped by The Miz as he hauled his accomplice off the beaten path, with Big E prepared to Spear him through the ropes.

Morrison at that point handled a kick and a sparkling wizard to his adversary and afterward took to the skies for his protected completing move – the Starship Pain.

What occurred straightaway however wasn’t pretty – Morrison hit the transition to guarantee the triumph, yet it scarcely associated and it made it resemble a frail end to the match.

He’s hit much preferable Starship Pain’s over that, and perhaps we can excuse him this time as it’ll have been the first he’s hit in some time – the first for WWE in almost nine years at any rate!

There are a few fans being uber-incredulous of the move itself, saying that it is one of the ‘most noticeably terrible finishers’ in WWE, yet that is maybe being excessively unforgiving.

It would seem that Morrison and The Miz however are being pushed towards the Tag Team Championships, which isn’t the most exceedingly awful thought WWE have had, that is without a doubt!