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WWE news: The Undertaker and Kane recall honest reactions to Mankind’s infamous cell fall

WWE news: The Undertaker and Kane


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The Undertaker and Mick Foley were engaged with the most notorious crossroads in WWE history.

At King of the Ring in June 1998, the pair fought in a Hell in a Cell coordinate that went extremely, wrong.

Undertaker thought he killed Foley

While battling on top of the structure, The Phenom chokeslammed Mankind into the phone, which gave way and saw him crash through to the ring canvas underneath.

It should occur.

Undertaker and Kane spoke about HIAC

The occurrence started analyst Jim Ross to yell the well known line: “Great God…Good God! Will someone stop the damn match? Sufficiently enough!”

Indeed, even The Undertaker later conceded that he thought Foley had passed on. In any case, inconceivably, he completed the match.

It’s a second no fan will actually fail to remember and in front of his ‘Last Farewell’ at Survivor Series, The Phenom plunked down with Kane to talk about his vocation in a WWE Network extraordinary.

  • Funeral director thought he murdered Foley
  • During the discussion, the pair talked about the scandalous fall that Foley took.

“At the point when he experienced the phone, that was truly terrifying” he said during the ‘Siblings of Destruction’ unique.

“It should happen that way. I really thought it would have been much more disastrous than it was.”

Kane and Undertaker discussed Foley's fall

Kane then added: “I’m behind the stage watching it and when he experienced the pen, I was astonished. At that point they kept an eye on him and he’s alright.

Funeral director and Kane talked about HIAC

“At that point Vince [McMahon] takes a gander at me and says ‘on the off chance that he can’t return out there, you must sort out what to do!’

“What’s more, I’m similar to: ‘Me? I’m going out there with Steve Austin and on the off chance that I lose I need to set myself ablaze!’ There’s a tad of weight. ‘You have every one of these scholars man, for what reason would you say you are taking a gander at me?!’

  • “Yet, Mick had the option to return out and finish the match.”
  • Kane and Undertaker examined Foley’s fall

Splendid. It’s fascinating to hear how two WWE legends really responded that night and it’s reasonable the episode is one they will always remember.